• Name: Airon
  • Rank: Tactical Marine
  • Born: 277.M41
  • Cult: Ice Wraiths
  • Status: Serving the Chapter
  • About: Airon is a quiet and mysterious marine, he rarely converses with any brother who is not another Ice Wraith, and spends most of his free time either in solitude or on one of the Ice Wraiths' trademark pilgramages away from the Fortress-Monastary, to an unknown location. On the battlefield, Airon displays quiet efficiency and great competence, though his lack of communication can exasperate his commander. He wields an Umbra-Ferrox pattern Boltgun, and serves as a designated marksman within his squad, cutting down foes with calm and precise shots from long-range.


"You would be wise not to press this issue any further, for my compatriot Wraiths may not show as much patience as I......."

- Airon, when he was questioned by Chaplain Extatius about the Ice Wraiths' behavior.