Raven Guard profile image - Lexicanum Anterion.

  • Name: Anterion
  • Rank: High Librarian
  • Born: 257.M41
  • Cult: None
  • Status: Deceased (accident, 321.M41)
  • About: A thoughtful and philosophical Librarian, Anterion was always a good advisor for the Chapter Master during the Founding. He had two main hobbies - trying to unravel the secret why the Chapter was founded and collecting butterflies. After his tragic death in a Land Speeder crash (possible sabotage), his mantle was taken up by his young student Trianon.

Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Psy Rating 5
  • Scholar(History) 65
  • Curious(+10% chance to gain clues to solve quests)


I have always said and always will say, that not everything is as it looks like. Our Chapter was NOT founded to protect Sector Deus, my sources tell me, that there are at least three other Chapters in that area that can fill this role easily. I urge you to heed my warning and find out what is this all about before something bad happens to us. Losing Chapter Master is terrible, but I am afraid it is not the end of our suffering...

-Anterion in Chapter Council meeting, 319.M41

There are only two kinds of men in this world that I fear - those who have no faith and those who don't see beauty in butterflies.

-from Anterion's diary

A well written book can kill more heretics than a thousand bolters.

-from conversation with a book seller on Mormark