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  • Ashkenor the Wrathbringer

    Name: Ashkenor the Wrathbringer
  • Rank: Chaos Sorcerer
  • Born: Unknown
  • Status: Allied with the Red Giants, possibly deceased
  • About: Nothing is known about Ashkenor's past, but it is clear that even before his fall he was a powerful psychic warrior. However he is not only skilled in the arts of the Immaterium, but also a brilliant strategist as he is supposedly responsible for the Red Giants raid on Prothera. When Ghosts of Retribution engaged him, he appeared to be leading his warriors from the front, fighting with both with bolter and sorcery, giving an impression that he is not only brave, but also a good leader. On the other hand he never risks and leaves a way for himself to retreat. He is accompanied by a handful of Traitor Astartes, but it's unclear whether they are his comrades or thralls. He is largely responsible for the rebellion of the 3rd Company in 330.M41 on Inaria, having somehow possessed Chaplain Tacitarius, he chaotically infected Captain Arcon and influenced him into open rebellion. Chaplain Tacitrius' possesssed body was killed by Chapter Master and the essence that erupted from the body attempted to form a warp portal, but was fortunately stopped by sanctified bolts fired by Prekan. Ashkenor's actions resulted in the deaths of 5 brothers of the Ghosts of Retribution and created a rift within the chapter, for this, as well as his actions on Prothera, Ashkenor is a hated nemesis. In 332.M41, when the Ghosts of Retribution repaired Prothera's weather cathedral, Ashkenor was discovered influencing the leaders of one of the planet's city-states, planning to sacrifice the captured Farseer Adriel to create a portal through which he could bring reinforcments enough to begin an all-out invasion. His plans were halted when the Ghost Company extracted the Eldar, forcing Ashkenor to sacrifice the lesser souls of several thousands Imperial civilians to open the portal long enough for him and his men to escape. In 337.M41 he was discovered aboard the Dark Sister, and after the Battle of the Dark Sister he is presumed dead.
  • Powers: Ashkenor is a very strong psyker, having Psychic Rating 5. His primary choice for sorcerous assault is Doombolt. He is also reported to have used illusions to trap Arcon's spearhead in the severs while he retreated. It is unclear whether Ashkenor dedicates his worship to any particular God.
  • Agenda: Unknown.