The Book and the Key by DreamSand

No deed shall be forgotten.

Here is written the events and deeds of the Ghosts of Retribution Astartes Chapter, to stand the test of time and to be judged by He on Terra and no other, for they are His Sons and may their deeds be great and many, done in His Name, His Will and in the name of Mankind.

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178.M41 Demands among the High Lords of Terra for a new Founding.
190.M41 First attempt ends in failure. All official records are purged.
260.M41(circa) Chapter Master is born in Terran underhive.
271.M41 First official mentioning of Chapter -872- that is being formed on the basis of Raven Guard gene-seed.
288.M41 Entyrus Zykion, High Lord of Terra responsible for the idea of the Founding is assassinated.
307.M41 Ghosts of Retribution are Founded on Luna, Solar System.

Chapter arrives to Sector Deus. Their first destination is the sector capital, Tachion Primaris, where they announce their arrival the Sector Lord, Larion Ursus. Larion let's them know that he is not pleased by their coming, and vetoes any attempt from the Ghosts to establish their headquarters on the planet. They decide to visit the ice planet of Mormark, where they are given a hero's welcome. After that they form an alliance with Techpriests from Nestorium, and with their help, they begin building their Fortress-Monastery on Mormark.

During the completion of a pilgrimage to earn the local's favor, the Ghosts found an ancient system of catacombs, and activated a beacon which awakened and summoned Wrath. This lead to Invasion of Mormark in year 325.

312.M41 The Chapter for the first time visit Varda, while accompanying Techpriest expedition. Ghosts engage Orks in a costly battle. Almost 200 brothers were lost, but ancient STC data was secured.  Afterwards, a decision is made to cleanse Varda from Orks and settle it. The Cleansing of Varda begins.
316.M41 Tombstone, a magnificent Chapter Monastery is finished on Mormark by Magos Archeomedes.

Because of a lucrative offer from the Rogue Trader Dercius D'anger, the Chapter accompanies him to the Space Hulk "Dark Sister". During this raid the Chapter has their first encounter with the traitor marines of the Red Giants, and found that the "xeno art" that Decius wished to retrieve, was instead a chest full of Eldar Soulstones. However an infiltrated Eldar agent took their prize and teleported himself to the Eldar ship. Chapter Master rushed to stop him and was teleported along, this way he was captured by the Seekers, a group of Wuxide Craftworld Outcasts.

Cleansing of Varda from Ork infestation is finished.

Chapter Master wins his freedom from the Eldar in a game of regicide. As part of a deal, she shares a prophecy in turn of help from Chapter Master on an unspecified time. The Chapter Master is released on planet Hades. He tries to contact his brothers, but almost perishes, loosing his body, and barely holds at the edge of the afterlife.

Meanwhile the Chapter is ruled by the council of senior marines. Brother Arcon founds the Soulkiller cult and becomes Captain. Since no unanimous decision was made on succession, it was decided that they'll wait 10 years for the Chapter master's return, and after that the most successful Captain takes his seat

321.M41 Not wishing a deal with deamons, he chooses the lesser evil and makes a deal with the Laughing God for his continued existance.

Chapter Master returns from Limbo into the reality on Mormark. Brother-Librarian Anterion rushes to meet him, but dies in a land-speeder accident, as the Laughing God foretold that the first marine Chapter Master speaks with, will die.

It is unknown if sabotage was involved as well.

Meanwhile, Nestorian Adeptus Mechanicus requests the Chapter's help in retrieving Magos Fram, who was kidnapped by Sisters of Battle under orders from High Cardinal Astrobelus Kest. Ghosts of Retribution proceed to liberate him by intimidating the sisters, and while no causalities have been suffered on either side, the sisters promise that legal action will take place.


True to their words, the Order of Bloody Tears accuses the Chapter of heresy before Imperial Court. Chapter Master arrives to Tachion Primaris to partake in the trial, but failing to heed to the prophecy, he is betrayed by Henrikus Isdavik, who were supposedly sent by Dercius, to represent and defend the Chapter. Instead he "confessed" sins that Ghosts have allegedly committed right in court, and shot himself then and there. The Chapter Master is immediately seized and Inquisitor Faceless starts investigating his case.

After the interrogation, Chapter Master is released while the investigation is pending. The Chapter seizes Dresos Kand, merchant who was dealing in illegal Xenos goods. However they are caught by Inquisitor Faceless, while trying to hide some of the Tau Pulse rifles taken from the merchant. The Chapter is blackmailed into the Inquisitor's servitude.

Operation Ghostly Justice takes place, ordered by Faceless, where the Chapter attacks a base maintained by a "Rogue Inquisitor." Deep inside the base Chapter Master finds a book infested with malign power, and looses his right eye in the encounter.

In the core of the base they found horribly mangled Space Marines from the chapter of the Silent Guardians Their librarian reveals a horrible prophecy involving several Chapters of Space Marines, the fate of the Emperor, and the Imperium.

324.M41  Chapter escorts Adeptus Mechanicus expedition, but is attacked by Sisters of Battle from the Order of Bloody Tears.

Invasion of Mormark Edit

The Chapter mustering their forces, and help from Kerius Dermont, the Imperial Fists, and even Terra, awaits the coming of the invasion that they've been warned about

001-083.325.M41 First phase of the Invasion, Men of Iron descend on the surface and intense battle begins
084-173.325.M41 Second phase of the Invasion, Men of Iron are surrounded and solid fronts.
173-289.325.M41 Third phase of the Invasion, Mormarkian forces managed to break the deadlock and advance deep into enemy rear, but are in the danger of being surrounded.
290.325.M41 Ghosts of Retribution deploy IInd Company in Operation Ice Spear against Wrath.
291-360.325.M41 Fourth phase of the Invasion, bulk of Mormarkian forces are surrounded and cut off from their supply routes, Men of Iron now have a clear path to Capital and Tombstone.
001-003.326.M41 Fifth phase of the Invasion, the Siege of Kanihirium begins.
003.326.M41  With enough causalities on both sides, the Men of Iron offer to parley. Chapter Master decides to meet them on their mothership. After they relentlessly refused to acknowledge that they are no longer in the 29th millenium, and refused to make peace, wanting nothing but assimilating them Mormarkians, the Chapter Master decided to destroy the Wrath mothership in a daring action in which he fought trough the ship and detonated it's power core, making a daring escape.

Invasion of Mormark ends Edit

Rebuilding works begin in Mormark, however locals still face minor resistance from the Men of Iron that were left behind on the planet. Mormark is isolated by the orders of High Lords of Terra for 50 years, so that information of the Men of Iron's existance is supressed.

Post-war famine begins. By the end of the year major Agri-World of Prothera is attacked by Traitor Astartes and Ghosts of Retribution answer the call for help. The Battle itself isn't a loss, but the Ghosts fail to stop the Red Giants from achieving their primary objective. Both parties are forced to withraw, as the Weather Cathedrals of the planet broken and set into Storm mode, making it unable to produce food, and presenting a threat of an Ice age.

327.M41 Chapter brings some refugees from Prothera to assist in Varda's colonisation. Chapter visits Oskea secures food supplies for Mormark. Chapter Master sacrifices his pride to save those who fought for him. Famine on Mormark is temporarily lifted.
328.M41 After a warp accident, the Chapter stumbles upon the forbidden world of Olympia. Having their ships under repair, they are stranded there for three months. Chapter Master decides that they make use of their time by boarding a ship drifting in orbit. On the ship, from inside of a locked vault, they find and retrieve the relic Gatebreaker, and save 300, untainted pre-heresy Iron Warrior Geneseed. Unfortunatley upon leaving the system they meet Silent Guardians, who are tasked to guard Forbidden worlds, such as Olympia.

Chapter betrays Rogue Trader Dercius D'anger, in excange for the items they received from Olympia, and the Guardian's discretion. Sending Dercius to an ambush where Silent Guardians are waiting for him - they want his head for breaching quarantine of the Forbidden worlds that they protect, getting away with it, selling the found items form it, and shaming them in the eyes of the Inquisiton.

The Chapter Master swears loyalty to the sector lord Larion Ursus, in turn of help from now in, and permanent food supply for Mormark.

Sergeant Gaius of the Ultramarines visits and bestows gifts to the Chapter Master to open political relations.

330.M41 Chapter fights Arcon's  Third Soulkillers Company on Inaria. In the end peace is made, and misunderstandings are settled. However too much blood have been spilled, resulting in Chapter being split, with Arcon and most of his Soulkillers being sent on a penitent crusade of sort. This tragedy is henceforth known as the Shattering.
331.M41 Around this date Inquisitor Faceless, who has been told, that Dercius D'anger was a heretic, goes missing while investigating what happened to him.

Chapter, with help from Mars repairs weather cathedral on Prothera, saving it from ice age. Finds Ashkenor the Wrathbringer among the ruins. Proceeds to extract Farseer Adriel from Ashkenor's captivity and force Ashkenor to flee the planet. Adriel tells Chapter Master that the world of Kruun, where he sent aid on request, must fall or a far greater catastrophy will follow. After Chapter Master agrees, they go to Tachion Primaris. While trying to sense for a webway gate that would help her to return to her people, and provide a good excuse for Chapter Master to withdraw forces from Kruun, Adriel falls to coma when sensing something very disturbing from Chapter Master.

After a some inquiry and unsuccessful negotiation to give up her titles, Chapter Master decides to disallow marriage between Sergant Lusmer and Anastasia Belladon, fearing that this would endanger their political manuverability. The affair is still allowed to continue.

"Monstrum: Adeptus Astartes" is written.

333.M41 Chapter confronts Daikan Alepros and his pirates on Tartarus while trying to retrieve Vindicare Ceiron. Chapter Master and his squad successfully infiltrate space station and extract their target. Brother Horim get's mortally wounded, and the chapter's only option to save him, is to implant him into a dreadnought sarcophagus.
335.M41 Void Squad is ambushed on Varda by native Orks, and trapped under a mountain, but is soon rescued.
336.M41 Adriel woke up from her coma, but is still too weak to use her powers, or return to her kin. The origin of the Void Squad have been revealed to them, but this merely strengthened their resolve to be part of the Chapter
337.M41 Destruction of Dark Sister space hulk - Ghosts are victorious and Ashkenor is destroyed along with his base and all of the Red Giants that were there at the time. A golden statue, holding a power sword have been collected from the Red Giant base, which apparently held great value to the sorcerer, and is still untainted.
339.M41 The Betrayal at Varda - After a failed attempt to coerce the Chapter to break their oath to the Sector Governor, and align themselves instead with the Ecclesiarchy in equal partnership, the Ghosts of Retribution are betrayed by the Iron Monks and epic battles ensue in space and on the ground on Varda.
341.M41 High Imperial Court decides in the favor of the Astrates, and forces Iron Monks to pay reparations to the Chapter and gives up many of their leaders. Haran Dreifus, who lead the attack, is declared heretic, and a bounty issued for his capture. "Monstrum: Adeptus Astartes" is banned.

Chapter launches Operation Dormant against an Ork asteroid swarm, which is about to hit Wladistan. Crashed Thunderhawk of unindentified origins on Sygma-477 is recovered.

The crew of the ship "Strongback" which rebelled against the Iron Monks, and helped the Ghosts instead, have been spared of execution and slave labor because of the legal appeal from Chapter Master. They are re-employed in the service of the Chapter, on their old ship that the Ghosts siezed from the Iron Monks after the battle

Inquisitor Eisenhorn arrives to the sector, asking the Chapter Master's help in investigating Inquisitor Quixos.

Operation Unseen Blade is executed. Adriel leaves to return to Wuxide Craftworld.

Chapter Cult is officially adopted.


Prothera is assaulted by a pirate raiding force. The Ghosts of Retribution intervene and drive away the raiders.

A minor rebellion erupts on the world of Peletonium, instigated by a growing corporation against the older and more established companies that rule the planet. The Ghosts of Retribution assist the world in restoring order. The chapter gains the title "Riotcrushers"

344.M41 Operation Decapitation is executed on the distant world of Farness Beta. Inquisitor Quixos is executed by the joined effort of the Chapter, Inquisitor Eisenhorn, and a young Grey Knight.

Chief Librarian Trianon begins a hunt for Haran Dreifus.

Geneseed deficiency in the Mucranoid Gland is repaired by Apothecary Klementhos, and it's implementation begins.


Scout Master Geron infiltrates the Sector Lord's Palace on Tachion Primaris and learns many secrets about Sector Deus' ruling family. Soon afterwards, the Ghost Company steal a strange cogitator of human but non-imperial origin from the Ursus household.

Chapter Master embarks on one of the Ice Wraiths' hikes into the Mormarkian wilderness. He encounters the god-like World Spirit of Mormark and from it he is given glances of the future.

Rogue Trader Alexander Kerr returns from his voyage into Sector Corgus. He gifts a Relic Predator tank from the Great Crusade to the Chapter, and soon afterwards trades several more and a Contemptor-Dreadnought Chassis for large sums of wealth.


In response to increased greenskin presence on Varda, Operation Burning Mountain is enacted and is extremely successful.

Lieutenant Sternberg of the Imperial Fists leads a small group of marines from the Fifth Company in search of the ancient Imperial Fists Strike Cruiser Pulveriser. Though the Pulveriser ultimately remains unfound, the Chapter does claim a valuable Matrix Cogitator from another wrecked vessel.

A small force of Marines is sent to Holy Terra in Operation White Emissary. Their goal is to inform the High Lords of Larion Ursus' possible heresy and coordinate a suitable course of action.

Chaos Space Marines of the Ebon Host attack the Shrine World of Artoria. But their attempts to raise the mass graves there as a horde of plague zombies is thwarted in Operation Wild Hunt.


Operation Tempest begins on the world of Folkvangr, to make it more habitable.

At home in the Tombstone, Chapter scouts embark on Operation Mole, to map, and clear out the tunnel system under their fortress.

Further experiments on the Ursus Cogitator result in it self-destructing. All Techmarine Seran recovers is a 3 second recording of an unknown woman's voice.


Ixadiel, the Eldar freed from the clutches of the Ebon Host scans the remnants of the Ursus Cogitator and reveals that the person communicating trough it is non other than Deidara Ursus, and the other device is on Neveron. Deidara made a deal with the Styrian Triarchy, "selling" a few more planets for continued peace. He recorded his findings to a Wraithbone amulet.

The Pale Raven, owned by the Rogue Trader Lord Celentis delivers relics discovered in Sector Corgus by the CEF.


The first Chapter Seance takes place and is a resounding success. Esteemed guests from across the Sector also attend and honour the Chapter with gifts.

Chief Librarian Trianon returns from his hunt for Haran Dreifus. The Chief Librarian's investigation led him directly to the Reverent Spirit, and once he surrounded the Battlecruiser with his trio of Hunter-class Destroyers and boarded its demoralised crew immediately surrendered. Only Dreifus' most fanatical followers put up a fight but they were quickly eradicated and Dreifus himself surrendered rather than face Brother Dragrock's fury. The Reverent Spirit's apologetic crew (who believed they were fighting pirates during the Betrayal at Varda) are transferred into Chapter servitude, and the Battlecruiser is sold to the Imperial Navy in exchange for the construction of 6 new Gladius-class Frigates

Riots erupt on the periphery world of San Larion. This would spiral out of control when the cause of the riots were revealed to be caused by a Genestealer cult, and the Cleansing of San Larion ensued.

352.M41 Operation Mole is a success, cavern system is mostly mapped, exits have been either collapsed, or protected.

Alderon Belladon reveales that he statue depicts Saint Dursus of the Callixis Sector, made from psycho active gold.

The Black Templars arrives to the sector, and the Ghosts welcome them, proposing a friendly contest and feast between the chapters

Finally Xyptus reestablishes communication with the Chapter. Just before the connection abruptly breaks, he declared he found the Belisarian heirs, but Solstreim secret police and and an unknown man named Locke got there before him and seized them. The Chapter pursues the transport ship they have been sent to Tachion Primaris on and successfully retrieve the two Belisarian heirs by intimidating the man escorting them, Adrian Xerant.

After a convoy of four transports from Hender goes missing in Subsector Dominus. Chief Librarian Trianon investigates with Hunter Squadron Alpha, finding the convoy destroyed - victims of apparent piracy. After recovering 6700 survivors from the convoy Trianon learns that the pirates were orks, who inexplicable knew the convoy's location and attacked with uncharacteristic precision. The survivors are settled on Varda, while Trianon sets off in pursuit of the orks.


The Chapter gifts an archeotech Deimos-pattern Predator Destructor (sized for human-use rather than marine) to Nestorium.

Operation White Emissary returns from its expedition to holy Terra, bringing with it orders, offers and rewards.

Chapter Master attends Lord Admiral Tyrel Hagen's 100th Birthday Party on Kinteros, where he foils an assassination attempt by a group of servitors that had been driven to malevolence by a rogue psyker. The servitors only manage to slaughter a pair of unfortunate party goers before being destroyed by the Space Marine, however the psyker - a female - eludes capture. The Inquisition and Kinteran Secret Police (KSP) investigate as Lord Admiral Hagen seemingly disappears off the face of the planet, in deep hiding for several weeks.

Chapter Master meets Raven Guard chapter master Corvin Severax at an remote location outside the edge of Sector Deus. During the treacherous warp jump through uncharted space the Aspera Dominus is subjected to a mild incursion when her gellar field flickers. The incursion results in the death of eleven Astartes and thirty-seven crewmen at the hands of eitehr foul warpspawn of an insidious mind plague. Finally making it to the meeting, Chapter Master discusses some matters with Severax, primarily the matter of Revenant Armour and its origins. Severax also pledges to assist the Ghosts of Retribution in an eventual Styrian Crusade. Severax also warned Chapter Master of a hidden enemy whose intentions were what led Severax to change the meeting place at the last moment. He challenges Chapter Master to unveil the enemy in return for the respect and favour of the Raven Guard.

Chief Librarian Trianon returns from tracking the orknoid pirates of the Dominus Convoy. He observed from afar as two ships exchanged shuttles - one craft orknoid, the other Tarellian. As Trianon watched, two more orknoid vessels emerged from the warp nearby. The first orknoid vessel quickly broke away from the Tarellian it was with and fled, before suddenly bursting into fragments from an apparently internal explosion. The Tarellian ship - along with the two recently arrived orknoid vessels - met up and warped away to the world of Pexar. The Inquisition was contacted for information, as they have a listening post on one of Pexar's moons.


Operation Glass Eye is a tragic failure when the attempted insertion of Scouts to Kruun fails and they are blown up in the air.

Chapter Master meets Canoness Amelia Engel to discuss some matters. The first is the subject of Larion Ursus. Chapter Master gave Engel his evidence of Larion Ursus' heresy and how he aided the Styrian Triarchy in overrunning Kruun. He also passes along the confession of Haran Dreifus that implicates the Iron Monks commanding the assassinations of other members of the Ecclesiarchy. Finally Chapter Master requests tutors for the Belisarian twins and Engel complies, sending Palatine Serpentina along with a handful of other sisters.

Meanwhile Drey Kasting arrives and confirms the validity of the Belisarian Heirs.


A small chaos fleet is detected escaping from The Grave and heading for Sictix. The Chapter fleet - under Captain Brethorius - engages them in the Battle of Sictix (355.M41) and is victorious. Following the battle, Inquisitor Lord Tomas Garant arrives and he and Chapter Master discuss the coup of Sector Lord Larion Ursus. Inquisitor Lord Garant offers terms that would need to be met in order to attain his support for the coup, and his efforts to convince his fellow Inquisitors.

Simultaneously, Chapter Master leads a small force on the Pax Sepulchrum to Karn Dereg to investigate the missing Lord Admiral Tyrel Hagen. They find the Lord Admiral under the protection of a hired Death Cult, though shortly after Chapter Master's arrival the Admiral and his cultist bodyguards are attacked by an Eversor Assassin named Anarxio and the Vindicare Assassin Ceiron. The Chapter just barely manages to get the Lord Admiral to safety aboard the Pax Sepulchrum, but the two assassins survive and state they will not give up.

Towards the end of the year the Chapter detects a weak distress beacon using decades-old Chapter codes emanating from the underhives of Hive Babelion on Tachion Primaris. Ghost Company and Punisher Squad investigate, and find Brother Cagirates at the source of the beacon. He has fled from Larion Ursus' Honour Guard and now the Sector Lord has dispatched over a hundred thousand troops into the underhives to hunt him down. Using the teleportarium of the Imperial Navy Gothic-class Cruiser Vorpal in orbit above (courtesy of Lord Admiral Hagen) they escape and Cagirates is taken into custody.


Chapter Master spends several months talking to representatives of every major faction in the Sector regarding the Ursus Coup Plans. Each faction responds with a list of terms & conditions that must be met to ensure their support, however these demands could be greatly reduced if additional evidence against Ursus is disovered.

Brother Cagirates reveals that he and the rest of Larion Ursus' Honour Guard were enthralled by a coven of unsanctioned witches in the Sector Lord's court, including Lady Anastasia Belladon and the witch who attempted to assassinate Lord Admiral Tyrel Hagen during his 100th birthday celebrations. Chapter Master has Shcolar & Chapter Serf Alderon Belladon arrange a party with his distant cousin Anastasia, one large enough to ensure the assassin witch will be invited. At the party Geron, Trianon, Laxenos and the blank Xenya discretely subdue the assassin witch and capture her, bringing her to the Aspera Dominus before any of the other partygoers could notice.


Operation Dustmite is launched on Sygma-477, recovering an old comatose marine and discovering a strange xenos warp illusion stone amongst the rubble of quadrant D44.

The witch assassin is interrogated with the assistance of Lord Inquisitor Tomas Garant. She quickly reveals herself to be Larissa Mahian, the disowned daughter of a minor trader from Templos. Garant learns that she - along with most of the witches of the court coven - is a very low level psyker who abuses Spook to amplify her powers. The Honour Guard were given personalised rings which - unknown to them - contained small amounts of wraithbones. These rings amplified the witches' control over them even further.

Operation Right Eye is launched and provides vital intel on the Styrian ocupation of Kruun.

Morbid and the Fourth Company return from Operation Tidebreaker.


Ancient documents dating back to the Horus Heresy are succesfully deciphered, and they tell of an ancient cache of weapons hidden on the world of "C569 [VLDSTN]" in "Subsector Kriptero". This is believed to be referring to the world of Wladistan in Subsector Cryptus, and Operation Hidden Bounty is dispatched to investigate & find the cache.

35 years since he was dispatched to the Deathwatch and went MIA, Elegion makes contact with the Chapter. A party is dispatched to the Ghoul Stars to recover him - and his Deathwatch Brother Vectus of the Imperial Fists - where they is staying in the company of the Death Spectres Chapter, who rescued them after years of fighting to survive across planets, the webway, and the warp.

Gladius Squadron Gamma is dispatched to Kruun to observe the world and watch for any major enemy movements. Unfortunately they are ambushed near one of the system's moons by three pirate vessels: a Siluria-class light cruiser, a Falchion-class Frigate, and a Firestorm-class Frigate. The Siluria-class light cruiser was recognised as the infamous Sanction This commanded by the rogue witch, Amia Hilyard. However the Squadron Gamma manages to escape the well-laid ambush thanks to the quick thinking of Captain Samuel Hax and the skills of the ships' Navigators, who flee into the warp with exceptional speed.

Alderon Belladon finishes extensive research into Deidara Ursus's background.


Magos Fram and the group of marines that accompanied him complete their investigations into Tuskbear mutations, tracing them to a local noble who was artificially breeding the beasts to be stronger and more aggressive with the intent to attack competitors. Whilst the noble was blamed for the crime, Klementhos was surprised by the speed with which Fram deduced & traced the mutations, raising potential questions about the Magos' preexisting knowledge of the situation.

Extensive investigations into Deidara Ursus reveal that she receives shipments of Spook and illegal occult paraphernalia from smugglers. A daring operation reveals that the smuggling ringleader and therefore Deidara's main supplier is none other than High Judge Nestus Margon.

The Coup against Larion Ursus is finally enacted by the Chapter and their allies. The climax of the coup is the Battle of the Sector Palace (359.M41) where the Sector Palace is sucessfully invaded by the Chapter. Simultaneously the Aspera Dominus is attacked by the Eversor Anarxio, who seeks his target Tyrel Hagen. Fortunately he was driven away withough completing his mission.


Chapter Master decides to destroy the remaining units of Iron Warrior geneseed. Void Squad are dismayed at first but after spending three days on an especially violent training exercise they emerge resolute and content.

As thanks for their actions in reinstalling the Belisarian Dynasty to the Sector Throne, Lord Eliam Belisarius commisions the construction of a new Strike Cruiser for the Ghosts of Retribution. The keel of the Aegis Dei is soon laid down over Nestorium.

361.M41 Operation Hidden Bounty yields fruit in the form of a vast cache of weapons and a slumbering titan. Unfortunately the titan awakes and goes on a violent rampage, and the Pax Sepulchrum is forced to neutralise it with an orbital bombardmen.
362.M41 Operation Stormchaser sends an emergency code to the Chapter before all contact is lost with the mission forces.
363.M41 The Chapter joins forces with the Imperial Guard in the Triot Campaign (363.M41). Though the fighting against the greenskins is bloody and tough the Imperium emerges victorious, reclaiming Triot for humanity

Chapter Master meets Alexander Kerr and Amelia Engel above Mormark. The Rogue Trader is badly maimed though brings with him valuable spoils as well as the head of Gallagher Wilson. He trades a number of these to the Chapter in exchange for Forge Master Seran constructing a wondrous suit of Artificer Sororitas Armour for Canoness Engel. Kerr also gives Chapter Master a small lockbox he found containing an ancient letter and two encrypted maps.

The Chapter received intel of an underhive gang on Tachion Primaris unearthing an ancient small atomic device. To keep it out of unsavoury hands the chapter swiftly purchases it.