• Homunculus

    Csvakshek before being tortured and mutilated.

    Csvakshek Kagerny
  • Rank: Ex-Haemonculus
  • Born: Unknown
  • Status: Serving Xynthia
  • About: Deranged both in mind and body, Csvakshek is clearly only a shell of a Dark Eldar he once was. There are many rumours regarding why he was declared prey by Razorguard and his own Haemonculi Coven. Some rumours claim, that he was a bad Haemonculus, who couldn't force himself to perform his duties and brought shame to his profession. Others say that this is a complete lie and he was declared an outcast, because his tastes in the art of pain went far beyond of any other Haemonculi - in fact the only suffering he really enjoyed was the suffering of torturers and he began preying on his own peers, making numerous pain artists disappear in the night never to be heard from again. His knowledge of how to kill Dark Kin permanently made him even more dangerous and would serve as a good explanation. There are also tales, that he was interested in a young noble and gave her the greatest gift of pain he could create, to show how much he adores her. Finally, the most simple version tells us that he simply crossed paths with a wrong enemy and lost a power struggle that marked him for the dogs. Whatever is the truth, Csvakshek now hides under the Xynthia's protection, serving her with all of his abilities, knowing that her goodwill is the only thing keeping him from excruciating death. Such an alliance is even more strange having in mind, that there is a huge reward on his head...