• Name: Destros
  • Rank: Techmarine
  • Born: 283.M41
  • Cult: Ice Wraiths, Machine Cult
  • Status: Serving the Chapter
  • About: A curious Techmarine willing to experiment and try out new ideas. Especially interested in machine spirits, their creation and interaction. However, there are rumours among brothers that he is sometimes avoids or disregards orders from his superiors. He was the one to confront the Messiah and ended up being 'healed' from his augmentations. As time passed he went mad and no longer served the Chapter, but in 332.M41 was mind-wiped and re-augmented and so returned into the service of the Chapter.

Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Intelligence 46
    • +Tech-Use (+25)
    • +Hacking (+2)

Special EquipmentEdit

  • Servo-arm


If it works, it means that Omnisiah approves of this design. Theory is a guideline, but the Machine God speaks through application!

-thoughts on the unorthodox Retribution Pattern Baneblade