Faceless is known for never exposing any part of his body.

  • Name: Faceless (codename) - Dran Hesten (real name)
  • Occupation: Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor
  • Status: Missing presumed dead.
  • Background: Unknown. But his language is so foul, that it would be strange is he was of noble birth. He said once, that he is a Radical.

Recent history Edit

Ghosts of Retribution met Faceless after their botched court on Tachion Primaris, he came personally to investigate claims of Chapter Master being a heretic. However when Chapter Master was caught red-handed trying to hide some heretical goods(Tau Pulse rifles that he took during the raid from Dresos Kand), Faceless blackmailed him into servitude. Currently he has enough evidence to seriously hurt Ghosts of Retribution if he wanted to, maybe even excommunicate them. Faceless met Ghosts of Retribution on Inaria where he gave them mission to infiltrate underwater base that belonged to Inquisitor Quixos.

In 329.M41 Chapter Master asked him to go after the freshly lured and captured Dercius D'anger claiming that he was a heretic, and asking him to give up all his assets upon arresting him. Faceless agreed to investigate the matter, and departed to the Silent Guardian's territory.

In 330.M41, during the incident with the Soulkillers, the ghosts tried to reach him, but to no avail. The Chief Astropath said sending soulword to Faceless' astropath was somewhow a lot harder, as if trying to push through a brick wall.

In 331.M41 the Inquisition reported that he was missing presumed dead. However Xyptus investigated his disappearence and discovered much: his real name is Dran Hesten and when he investigated Dercius D'anger's whereabouts he seemingly vanished from records. Xyptus believes he is still alive, possibly captured by the Silent Guardians. Additional information learned in 336.M41 from a former crewmember of his, stated he went to Subsector Tyranus to search for "Guardians" (most likely the Silent Guardians) with his ship, the Arcadia Magna. As he departed a warp storm flared up and Hesting has not been heard from since. Officially he is listed as "MIA - Lost in the warp", but afformentioned crewmember believes it is something more sinister.