• Dresos kand

    Dresos Kand in his office.

    Name: Dresos Kand
  • Occupation: Interplanetary merchant
  • Status: Serving a 30 year sentence in the Inquisitorial prison on Nobis. To be released in 352.M41.
  • Background: Dresos Kand was born on Templos in 279.M41 to a family of lower nobles. He immediately showed a great affection for money and financial matters and with a blessing from his father he took over all the financial operations of their family. In 304.M41 'Where Profit Leads', the most widely read economical chronicle on Templos, declared him as the most effective merchant on the planet, having increased his family wealth by 734% in just two years. However Dresos was interested in bigger waters, not just planetary trade. He betrayed his family, sold all of their assets, bought a space ship "Odyssey" and left Templos forever.
  • Recent history: Ghosts of Retribution have received information from their spy network on Tachion Primaris, that Dresos Kand might be dealing in illegal xeno artifacts. In 322.M41 Chapter tracked him down and captured in the middle of a deal where he was trying to sell 23 Tau Pulse rifles, along with a huge stash of xeno drugs and artifacts. Because of his good standing with many Imperial officials and noble blood in the end he was only sentenced to 30 years of prison. While being imprisoned, Kand became even more acquinted with criminal underworld than before and gained new connections. During Operation Unseen Blade, he witnessed Chapter Master initiating the riot, making him an eye witness for a highly secretive operation.
  • Motivation: Revenge.
  • Affiliation: Merchant League, Chartist Captains
  • Assets: None. Everything was seized by the Inquisition.