• Name: Glemont
  • Rank: None
  • Born: 210.M41
  • Cult: -not marine-
  • Status: Unknown
  • About: An old noble with a title of Duke from Tachion Primaris. Because of his terrible habit of wasting all his money on alcohol and games of chance he's left with nothing except his extended lifespan, so servitude for Space Marines was an honourable way to leave. While serving with Ghosts of Retribution on Oskea, Glemont was suppossed to make a trade agreement with locals regarding food supplies, however he not only failed at his task, but also drunk away a sizeable amount of Chapters' treasury and copy of Chapters' financial records. After this debacle he was fired by Chapter Master as Chapter Treasurer. There are rumours, that Glemont has joined a monastery on Freya VII to try to fight his addiction through prayer.

Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Economics 45
  • Alcoholic Wreck(80% chance for something to go wrong)


If I can still see the numbers on the coins, it means that the party hasn't started yet.

-a tatoo on his back from the youth.