• Name: Elegion
  • Rank: Lieutenant (Tactical Marine in DW)
  • Born: 281.M41
  • Cult: None
  • Status: MIA


A very promising marine that showed himself more than capable in various situation. Probably his most known achievement is killing the Ork Warboss Troat Rippa on Varda in 312.M41. His skill had saved the Chapter forces from decimation by Orks who had superior numbers and better position. However his achievements were not recognised by Chapters officers and he continued to serve as a common marine for more than a decade, until in 323.M41 Chapter Master granted him a rank of Leutenant and awarded him with Imperial Laurel for his actions on Varda.

However this recognition came at a price - Elegion was immediatelly sent away to serve and maybe die somewhere far away, serving in the Deathwatch. However he would not return, having met misfortune during a mission for the Deathwatch. His last known whereabouts were leaping into a webway portal within a Tau facility on Sabria with fellow marine Vectus, while their squadmates Asten and Dilion waited outside the facility and eventually departed after their brothers did not return.

In 358.M41 Elegion made contact with his Chapter, 35 years after he was dispatched and went missing in action. He reported that after many years of fighting to survive through the webway, warp and and various planets, he and Vectus had returned to realspace within the Ghoul Stars. There they had been found by the Death Spectres chapter, and sent a message to the Ghosts of Retribution to request retrieval.

Stats, Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Ballistic Skill 70
  • Weapon Skill 45
  • Agility 40
    • Stealth (+0)
  • +Tau Slayer (+10 when killing Tau)
  • +Deadshot(can choose location to hit without penalties)


Sir, I wish so that you know, that it's a great honour to me. I will put every bit of my love you and for the Chapter in my strikes!

-Elegion in Mormarkian gladiator games before almost defeating Chapter Master in single combat