• World: Fyphe
  • Location: Subsector Adamantis
  • Type: Feudal Knight World
  • Tithe: [Bullion/Agri] Fyphe pays its tithe to the Imperium with precious metal that exist in abundance in the ground. It also pays a tithe of food to the Adeptus Mechanicus in return for technological support.
  • Population: 213 million [213 000 000]
  • Government: Feudal Monarchies. Fyphe is divided into many parcels of land each ruled over by a Duke, and all the Dukes swear fealty to the Imperial Knight House Macrae. The House's High King is considered the Planetary Governor. The current patriarch is High King Rory Macrae.


Located close to the edge of the Sector, Fyphe was colonised before the Age of Strife but was not a part of the human coalition that put up an organised defence against the attacking xenos. However unlike Adamant Prime Fyphe was of little strategic importance and so was only victim to piecemeal assaults. Though even with the defence of House Macrae the planet was crippled by these attacks, with no way to resupply most technology after the xenos destroyed their STC systems, the people of Fyphe gradually devolved into a Feudalistic society.

Despite their cultural decline they still maintained certain technologies such as the Imperial Knights themselves, but even these were not enough to completely hold off the xenos hordes. Therefore even the simple feudal citizens House Macrae ruled over had to be pressed into combat, formed into orders of 'knights-lesser', and the ancient stories tell of how these lesser-knights would charge into battle alongside their war machine piloting lords clad in burnished carapace armour and armed with crackling power swords. Fighting such technologically superior foes in close-combat required prodigious skill, and these knights-lesser still hold skill with a blade above all things.

In M41 Fyphe is still ruled by House Macrae, who supply Imperial Knight Squadrons to warzones when requested. They also still operate the many orders of knights-lesser, who are all fearsome warriors trained for swordsmanship since birth.

  • Technology: [III – Poor] - Fyphe maintains simple Imperial equipment like lasguns and infantry armour, but the pinnacle of technology they are capable of constructing themselves is steam-powered machinery. The notable exception to this are the fortresses of House Macrae, which contain the archaic mechanisms and knowledgeable Sacristans that maintain their fleet of Imperial Knights.
  • Military: Aside from the Imperial Knights of House Macrae, Fyphe has a large feudal militia consisting of PDF equivilent troops using flakweave gambesons and lasgonnes. Numerous lesser-knight orders exist and are equipped with power weapons, carapace armours and in a very few cases light powered armour. Orbital defence comes in the form of a handful of largely automated defence platforms operated by the Adeptus Mechanicus, along with the steady trickle of Mechanicus traffic that goes in and out of the system.
  • Strategic importance: [Media] Fyphe's precious metals are desired for their use in advanced technology, but are in the grand scheme of unimportant. The presence of House Macrae does however make the preservation of this planet in the Imperium's best interests.
  • Loyalty: [House Macrae 95%] The Imperium has very little presence in the day-to-day activity of this planet, only appearing to collect their tithe or supply technology. House Macrae however is ever-present and commands almost total obedience from the populace.

Important HoldsEdit

  • Hold Macrae - The largest hold. Owned by House Macrae with their fortress, the Grand Palace, at its centre. It is within this fortress that their mighty Knights are stored. House Macrae operates roughly 100 full Knights and around 250 Knight Armigers (most of the Armigers are piloted by noblemen of other Houses, or commoners with a talent for piloting). Notable inhabitants:
    • House Macrae - A Imperial Knight House that has occupied Fyphe for millennia. The Macraes are known as jovial individuals and can be easily recognised by their distinctive red hair. They are firm allies of the Xerant Dynasty and generally only deploy to campaigns & crusades alongside Imperial Guard forces from Adamantis. Notable members:
  • Hold Celentis* - A recently created Hold, consisting of former-Macrae land gifted to the Rogue Trader Antonius Edgar Celentis by High King Rory in return for the Rogue Trader's daring rescue of the King's daughter Rhona from vicious feral Charonites. Shares most of its border with Hold Macrae, but has Holds Walland and Maclergen on one edge.
  • Hold Walland - Bordering Holds Macrae, Celentis & Maclergen. The current Duke, Bruce Walland, has a notorously savvy politcal mind, having doubled his holdings over twenty years via strategic marriages and negotiations.
  • Hold Maclergen - Bordering Holds Macrae, Celentis, Walland & Mayfold. The current Duke, William Maclergen is old and content to rule his hold as-is. His son, Wallis Maclergen, has higher aspirations. Has a longstanding border dispute with Hold Mayfold.
  • Hold Mayfold - Bordering Hold Maclergen (on the opposite side of the Maclergen-Macrae border). Hold Mayfold's border dispute with Hold Maclergen has lasted for centuries, though has been peaceful for the previous few decades after Duke William Maclergen brokered peace with Duke Thurdo Mayfold.
  • Hold MacCullen - Located far-away from Hold Macrae. Duke Virgil MacCullen (a tall, thin man with a long black ponytail, and a refined high gothic accent thanks to being tutored by teachers from the spires of Tachion Primaris) took the throne in 327.M41 after the sudden death of his father, and since then has been mired by dark rumours. Most of these revolve around the belief that he finances - or even creates - roving bandit groups that pillage the fringe settlements of his neighbouring Holds.
  • The Northern Holds - Five large Holds in the northern reaches of Fyphe, located around the pole itself. They harbour a strong independent attitude and are noted as a breed apart to the 'southerners', fighting against harsh elements constantly - and each other occasionally - for rich mineral seams that hide beneath the ice. They are the only entities apart from House Macrae that still operate Imperial Knights, though do not possess more than one or two each and so are not recognised as 'proper' Knight Households.
  • Holds Ferkundin & Branthwaite - Located approx. 8000 miles west of Hold Macrae. These two holds border the Great Western Sea and operate large knights-lesser orders to repel piratical coastal raiders and sea monsters (such as sand lizards, snappers and giant octopi).