Geron is one of the most recourceful marines in the Chapter, since the early days serving as Chapter Master's most trusted black ops officer. Infiltration, scouting, sabotage, even assassinations - nothing is beyond his skill or devotion. Despite being a man of action, Geron also was the one who set up the first Chapters' intelligence network in Sector Deus and who recruited Xyptus. Since the Chapter attained Revenant armour, Geron has been the leader of those marines wearing it. He also has a cybernetic left arm, after the original was lost in combat. In 330.M41 Geron personally killed 4 other Ghosts of Retribution during the 3rd Company's rebellion on Inaria, he was then himself nearly killed by the Soulkillers, but he survived.

In 347.M41 Geron infiltrated Larion Ursus' palace and discovered many of his secrets, among which was a strange cogitator of Styrian-make that was later stolen by Geron and his revenants.

In 351.M41 he took on Xenya Smirnova as a protege and trained her extensively in stealth and agility - skills that would come in useful getting the blank close to targets without being detected. Geron also started becoming quite attached to his new student, insisting on bringing her along for mundane assignments to keep her close.

In 355.M41 Geron, Xenya and Trianon successfully kidnapped the Ursus Court witch Larissa Mahian from a party thrown by her fellow witch Anastasia Belladon. Thanks to this it was learned that Deidara Ursus controlled an entire coven of rogue witches, garnering much support from other factions against Larion Ursus.

In 359.M41 Geron, Xenya and his Revenants took part in the Coup against Larion Ursus and specifically the Battle of the Sector Palace (359.M41).

In 363.M41 Geron led the highly successful Operation Ghostblade at the outset of the Triot Campaign (363.M41).

Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Weapon Skill 50
    • +Unarmed Warrior (+10)
  • Ballistic Skill 51
  • Willpower 38
  • Perception 46
  • Strength 45
    • +Unnatural Strength (x2)
  • Toughness 45
    • +Unnatural Toughness (x2)
  • Intelligence 45
    • +Disguise (+0)
    • +Demolitions (+2)
    • +Logic (+5)
  • Agility 57
    • +Acrobatics/Athletics (+0)
      • +Superior Athlete (+15 to Acrobatics/Athletics)
    • +Stealth (+30)
      • +Revenant (+30 to Stealth)
  • Charisma 41
    • +Interrogation (+0)
    • +Leadership (+5)
  • +Backstabber (+50% damage for Geron and his squad when ambushing)
  • +Unsettled

Special EquipmentEdit

  • Revenant Armour
  • Heroic Weapon (Power Dagger)
  • Iron Halo
  • Stalker Bolter
  • Stalker Pistol
  • Frak & Krak Grenades


Thy will be done.

- to Chapter Master.