The Ghosts of Retribution is a Space Marine Chapter that was founded in 307.M41 on Luna from the geneseed of the Raven Guard. Many strange rumours surround its creation and various bit of information indicate that the Ghosts of Retribution are one of the "Fated Chapters" - though the significance of this is unknown. The Ghosts were given standing orders to protect Sector Deus by the High Lords of Terra, and this is their highest priority. Their commander is Chapter Master, a brave nameless warrior that is said to have been augmented with pure unaltered geneseed created by Primarch Corax himself.

GoR Chapter Symbol

Chapter Symbol

Those who wish to join the Chapter on its journey in the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium, may join here.

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Combat DoctrineEdit

The Ghosts of Retribution follow standard Codex Astartes combat doctrine along with the Raven Guard's aggressive ambush tactics, believing that there is no reason to change that which is not broken. A detailed overview can be found under Combat Doctrine.

Traditions, decorations and heraldryEdit


One of the Ghosts in their official colours. (artist - lurkingaway)

Honours and Decorations

Chapter ColoursEdit

  • Primary: Dark Grey
  • Secondary: Black (Pauldron)
  • Tertiary: Silver (Pauldron Trim)
  • Standard insignia placements: 
    • Chapter Symbol - Left shoulderpad
    • Squad Symbol- Right shoulderpad
    • Squad Number - Right shoulderpad (on top of Squad Symbol)
    • Company Identification - Number on left kneepad


Even though the Chapter is young, from the actions of its brothers it is already clear that it has a distinct character. Whenever faced with a hard situation the Ghosts try to solve it using reason and logic. On more than one occasion they have demonstrated that they feel deep compassion for mortals and tend to care for them, believing that the main task that the Emperor left for Astartes is protection of Mankind. The daily routine of marines in the Ghosts of Retribution (when not in or near battle) is as follows:

0000 to 0400

This period is given over to sleep. Thanks to an Astartes' advanced physiology four hours of sleep per night is sufficient to keep them in a state of maximum readiness. Once per week an Astartes must forgo his sleep in order to take his turn in the night watch.

0400 to 0430

Preparation. During this time a Ghost will prepare for the coming day by washing & clothing himself. A breakfast consisting of a large, high-denstiy tallow block provides the Ghost with some of the massive amount of energy he will require for the day, and supplement pills provide him with vitamins & minerals. Depending on the Ghost's individual beliefs he may also use this time to pray or perform some other short religious rite, though all give some manner of praise to the Emperor.

0430 to 0630

General Rites. Ghosts spend this time performing the large array of basic rites and procedures that every marine must know. These include disasembling & reassembling their weaponry, checking their armour for faults, donning their armour, and various physical exercises that push their superhuman physique to their maximum potential - albeit briefly - to determine any deficiencies in the Astartes' fitness. They must also recite various tactical manouvres with perfect detail from memory. All this is carefully watched over by squad leaders and any failures will result in punishment in the form of 'mandated practice time', which is explained later.

Every marine regardless of rank or specialisation must perform these morning rites. Only Captains, Section Heads, and the Chapter Master are exempt, though they almost always perform these rites regardless.

0630 to 0830

Firing Rites. During this time Ghosts practice marksmanship with their personal and squad weaponry. Target practice is not only limited to the firing range, but also performed on dynamic test fields that recreate - as much as possible - the terrain of an actual battle. The Tombstone houses many different test fields inspired by previous battles the chapter has taken part in and squads are regularly rotated through them all, from pitch-black urban combat to shooting across sunny fields. Facilities aboard battle barges and strike cruisers are less extensive, though still sufficient. Exceptional performance is noted & praised, whereas subpar performance is again punished with mandated practice time.

Officers and specialist marines are exempt from these rites as they usually have other tasks to attend to such as armourium projects, tending to patients in the apothecarion or managing chapter logistics. It is far from uncommon for these marines to take part in the rites regardless if they feel they should practice their skills or have nothing else to do.

0830 to 1130

Close Combat Rites. Astartes spend this time practising close combat against each other and esoteric training servitors of all sizes. All fighting styles are covered from solo combat to fighting in groups, and a variety of weapons - including none - are used. As before, exceptional performance is noted & praised by squad leaders whereas negligent performance is punished with mandated practice time.

Again officers and specialist marines are officially exempt, though often still take part by choice.

1130 to 1230

Maintenance Rites. Each astartes checks over the armour and weaponry he has used during the morning's rites for any deficiencies or damage. If any are found and cannot be trivially rectified, techmarines and armorium serfs are on-hand to assist.

This time also includes maintenance of the Ghost's own body. Any injured marines can visit the apothecarion, and all will undergo chemical testing to ensure their superhuman metabolism is not becoming imbalanced.

All space marines - without exception - must undergo chemical testing. Though equipment maintenance is only mandatory for astartes' that actually used said equipment

1230 to 1300

Midday Meal. Another tallow block and supplements will keep the marine at peak condition for the remainder of the day. During the meal the astartes will also be presented data about the morning's training rites and individual marines given assessments by their squad leader (ie areas that require improvement). Before the meal the astartes will be led in giving praises to the Emperor by a Chaplain.

1300 to 1400

Tactical Indoctrination. This time is given for general mental studies, including classes on important historical battles, Xenos anatomy and enemy tactics. The class opens with testing on the previous days class, and failure to correctly answer questions will result in the marine being assigned mandated practice time.

This is only mandatory for line marines as officers and specialists - being more intellectually inclined - have usually already studied such things. However if important new information is learned there may be a mandatory class held for all marines.

1400 to 1800

Battle Practice. This time is given over to rehearsing large-scale combined-tactics combat manoeuvres and mock battles involving multiple squads and vehicles. These are conducted on enourmous manufactured battlescapes reconstructed by chapter serfs on a regular basis, in order to give the astartes ample training in a variety of possible scenarios. Many scenarios utilise chapter combat serfs as allies, giving them training as well as training astartes in fighting alongside humans. Some scenarios also use serfs as mock enemies as they are able to mimic enemy tactics and initiative in ways servitors and robots cannot. For these scenarios laser-targeters are used instead of live weapons and close combat follows strict rules to prevent serfs being hurt too severely.

Some officers and specialists will also take part in this, commanding and assisting the line marines during the scenario as they would in real combat

1800 to 1830

Debrief. The astartes are given a detailed assessment of the afternoon's battle practice by their officers and observing command serfs. Performance is also commended or punished appropriately.

1830 to 1900

Recovery. The astartes use this time to remove and stow their armour and weapons in the armorium where it will be checked & maintained by techmarines and armorium serfs, and they also have another round of chemical testing. They also wash themselves of the sweat and grime that has built up over the day of training and may be groomed by their personal serf.

1900 to 2100

Evening Feast. The Chapter's serfs prepare a magnificent daily feast for their astartes lords in the Tombstone's Assimilarum (or the mess halls of battle barges & strike cruisers). The assembled marines are first led by a Chaplain in giving praise to the Emperor, before the serfs present the Ghosts with the bounty they have produced. Enormous slabs of perfectly-cooked meats & fish, masses of crisp vegetables, freshly baked breads, aged cheeses, sweet cakes and fruits, and more are provided from the labours of skilled & dedicated kitchen staff. This is one of the few human luxeries an astartes still regularly enjoys, for this feast is consumed purely for its wondrous taste and only provides a fraction of a fraction of a marine's actual dietary needs. Specially strengthened alcohol is also served to the Ghosts, though there are consumption limits to prevent excessive rowdiness.

The daily feast is also a time for marines to socialise amongst themselves and with their serfs, recounting tales of their exploits to younger brothers & serfs or listening to the stories of their wizened elders. Brothers who performed exceptionally during the day's training rites will also be publically commended by the highest ranking marine attending the feast.

The chapter commemorates the anniversary of great victories and other important events with feast days. Training is rescinded on feast days (so long as no battle is predicted to be near), and food is continually provided by hardworking kitchen serfs as the astartes spend the entire day feasting, drinking, celebraring & sharing stories with their brothers and other serfs. On feast days alcohol consumption restrictions are often lifted, which can result in great rowdiness and good cheer among the celebrating astartes.

The daily feast is not mandatory for any marine, though for obvious reasons only something very important would prevent an astartes from attending.

2100 to 0000

Free Time. Brothers are strongly encouraged to spend this time on self-improvement, though how they go about this is up to the marine in question. Some may choose to practise artistry, others may study history, and some could even consider entertaining serf children to be a self-improvement of the spirit as well as an opportunity to teach the serfs important lessons.

If an astartes has been assigned mandated practice time as a result of unsatisfactory performance earlier in the day, he must use a large portion of his free time (typically two hours) practising the rites he performed poorly earlier.


The Ghosts were once deeply divided along religious lines, with several chapter cults conflicting for dominance. However they all value the Chapter above their superstitions and in recent years threir numbers have been greatly diminished by the introduction of an official Chapter Cult. Nevetheless rivalry between warrior lodges can still occasionally lead to friction. There are no Chapter laws regarding the personal faith of Space Marines, though all new initiates are inducted into the official chapter cult as part of their initiation. The Chapter's notable notable cults and faiths are:

The Ghosts also tend to embrace their name quite literally. Since their first few campaigns their battle cry has been "No grave shall take us!" showing contempt for death, as ghosts cannot be killed.


Ghosts of Retribution 4th Company Tactical Marine

Ghosts of Retribution 4th Company Tactical Marine in Chapter colours

The Ghosts of Retribution established their power base in Sector Deus by building the Tombstone, an impenetrable fortress on the Ice World of Mormark. They also claimed the forest world of Varda after cleansing it of an extensive Ork infestion.

All of the Ghost's notable possessions, such as relics and war machines, are listed on General Chapter Inventory.

History & Chapter RelicsEdit

Ghosts Chapter Banner

The Chapter Banner, as it was on the day the Ghosts set out to their new home.

The Ghosts of Retribution are very conscious of their past and even though they are young, they remember every engagement and every fallen brother.

  • Chapter History - A detailed account of events since the beginning of the Chapter
  • Chapter Genetics - The state of the Chapter's geneseed, which can govern much of the psyche of its Marines.

The Library of the Ghosts, archived in which are all of the Chapters deeds, can be found here.

The following relics have a deep meaning to Ghosts of Retribution because of their past:

Chapter CompositionEdit


If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Ghosts of Retribution.

A general list of all the important Ghosts can be found here - Ghosts of Retribution(members)

For details on the composition of squads see: Squad Definitions.

The Chapter Roster is only updated at the close of each Campaign, as such information here may not be completely accurate.

The current locations of the Chapters forces can be found here.

Battle Companies:Edit

1st Company - Veteran CompanyEdit

  • Commanding officer - Captain Brethorius (Terminator)
  • Strength:
    • Brethorius
    • Lieutenant Mercurion
    • Lieutenant Cagirates
    • 13 Terminators
    • 56 (6) Sternguard Veterans
    • 40 Vanguard Veterans
    • 1 Dreadnought

Number in brackets indicates the number of those Veterans that have served in the Deathwatch.

2nd CompanyEdit

  • Commanding officer - Captain Harmantos
  • Strength:
    • Harmantos
    • Command Squad (Lieutenant Endert; Company Champion; Company Standard Bearer; 2 Company Veterans)
    • 6 Tactical Squads (60 Tactical Marines)
    • 2 Assault Squads (20 Assault Marines)
    • 2 Devastator Squads (20 Devastator Marines)

3rd CompanyEdit

  • Commanding Officer - None
  • Strength - 0

4th CompanyEdit

  • Commanding officer - Captain Dreidor
  • Strength:
    • Dreidor
    • Command Squad (Lieuteant Horatio; Company Champion; Company Standard Bearer; 2 Company Veterans)
    • 6 Tactical Squads (60 Tactical Marines)
    • 2 Assault Squads (20 Assault Marines)
    • 2 Devastator Squads (20 Devastator Marines)

5th CompanyEdit

  • Commanding officer - Captain Quintor
  • Strength:
    • Quintor
    • Command Squad (Lieutenant Kronos; Company Champion; Company Standard Bearer; 2 Company Veterans)
    • 6 Tactical Squads (60 Tactical Marines)
    • 2 Assault Squads (20 Assault Marines)
    • 2 Devastator Squads (20 Devastator Marines)

6th CompanyEdit

  • Commanding officer - Captain Macedon
  • Strength:
    • Macedon
    • Command Squad (Lieutenant Heinrich; Company Champion; Company Standard Bearer; 2 Company Veterans)
    • 6 Tactical Squads (60 Tactical Marines)
    • 2 Assault Squads (20 Assault Marines)
    • 2 Devastator Squads (20 Devastator Marines)

7th CompanyEdit

  • Commanding officer - Captain Kay
  • Strength:
    • Kay
    • Command Squad w/ Jump Packs (Lieutenant Tercius; Company Champion; Company Standard Bearer; 2 Company Veterans)
    • 6 Tactical Squads (60 Tactical Marines)
    • 2 Assault Squads (20 Assault Marines)
    • 2 Devastator Squads (20 Devastator Marines)

8th CompanyEdit

  • Commanding officer - Captain Hector
  • Strength:
    • Hector
    • Command Squad (Lieutenant Krion; Company Champion; Company Standard Bearer; 2 Company Veterans)
    • 6 Tactical Squads inc. Void Squad (60 Tactical Marines)
    • 2 Assault Squads (20 Assault Marines)
    • 2 Devastator Squads (20 Devastator Marines)

9th Company - UnformedEdit

10th Company - Scout Company - Note: Scouts are dispersed throughout regular companies.Edit

  • Commanding officer - Scout Master Geron
  • Strength - Geron, 145 (80) Scouts

Number in brackets indicates the number of total Scouts suitable for promotion & final implantation

Support units:Edit

Chapter MasterEdit



  • Commanding officer - Klementhos, Master Apothecary
  • Strength - Klementhos, 18 Apothecaries


  • Commanding officer - Seran, Master of the Forge
  • Strength - Seran, 21 Techmarines


  • Commanding officer - Laptus, Master of Sanctity
  • Strength - Laptus, 5 Chaplains, 4 Penitent Guard

Shadow GuardEdit

  • Commanding officer - Master Renard
  • Shadow of Mind - Targos
  • Shadow of Body - Sulix
  • Shadow of Soul - None
  • Shadows - 5

Ghost CompanyEdit

  • Commanding officer - Scout Master Geron
  • Strength - Geron, 10 Revenants

Chapter FleetEdit

Fleet Master:Edit

Lord N​avigator:Edit

Battle Barges:Edit

Strike Cruisers:Edit



Chapter SerfsEdit

The official title of all mortals that serve the Astartes, Chapter Serfs provide the manpower required for monotonous tasks that Space Marines would be wasted on. Tasks such as maintaining the Tombstone, overseeing the innumerable Ratings that operate the Chapter Fleet and generally serving their Astartes Lords however they can. Every Chapter Serf is well-educated by local standards, well-equpped and and trained in combat to a level often exceeding Imperial Guardsmen due to the extensive experience and skill of the Astartes they are trained by and with.

Many tens of thousands of Serfs serve the Ghosts of Retribution. They primarily consist of native Mormarkians and their descendents, and many are also former-aspirants who rejected their implants or otherwise failed the stringent trials and tests required to become an Astartes. In practice, any suitably-impressed Space Marine of the Chapter can induct a human into Serfdom, so the Chapter naturally gathers a smattering of new Serfs wherever they travel. Among the Serfs of the Ghosts of Retribution you can find families that originally hailed from Varda, Prothera, Inaria and many other worlds.

Serfs that perform more benign duties like maintaining the Tombstone, preparing feasts and acting as personal servants to astartes are designated as non-combat serfs, consisting of generally softer stock. Dedicated combat serfs who will be on the frontline alongside astartes in the defence of their property are exceptionally tough and trained daily by their lords, and mostly consist of failed aspirants.

In addition to the masses of 'generic' serfs, there are a number of humans who serve the Chapter in specialised tasks. Though officially classed as Chapter Serfs these people often enjoy greater freedom yet also greater responsibility as they perform their important duties.

Human Chapter SpecialistsEdit

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