Ice monsters

Mormarkian soldier facing an alpha-male Gnar in single ritualised combat. In such duels only primitive weapons are allowed.

Gnars are native Xenos on Mormark. They are semi-intelligent, tribal creatures that have a primitive language of their own and some very bizzare proto-culture. Some Mormarkian scholars argue, that ruins that lie under the ice indicate, that there was time when Gnars were intelligent enough to build a civilisation of their own, but some natural catastrophy changed the course of their evolution and turned them into these near mindless beasts. In mid-4th century M41 Gnar furs came into fashion among nobility in Sector Deus, creating a huge market for them.

Chapter Master participated in a skirmish against Gnars when he first came to Mormark. Gnars proved to be very strong and cunning enough to launch an ambush, where they managed to kill Brother Teiron and kidnap Brother Harmantos.

The Gnars used to have a civilization on Mormark once upon a time. Now the only remains of the civilization, are a group of semi-intelligent gnars, called the "Wise Ones". They thought the Ice Wraiths how to communicate with the Spirit of Mormark.