Sister Heidra moments before her death.

  • Name: Heidra
  • Rank: Sister of Battle
  • Born: Unknown
  • Status: Dead, soul in possession of Montus
  • About: Sister Heidra was taken from one of the orphanages on Sarris V in her early years by the Order of Bloody Tears and was trained to become a Sister of Battle and fight for the Imperium. She did so for more than a decade, before she was assigned to serve under command of Space Marine Montus during the mission on Lituanica. Force of Sisters of Battle was trying to intercept and destroy Dark Eldar raiding party and they eventually succeeded, however during the pursuit of stragglers Montus and his section were separated from the rest of the squad, led by Palatine Ardentia, and ambushed by the Dark Kin. Xeno shock-grenades incapacitated almost the whole group, including Montus and Judith. Sister Heidra was the only one who through some miracle or inhuman faith managed to withstand the effects of that terrible weapon. She continued to fight, protecting her wounded comrades and killing 4 Dark Eldar, including one Mandrake, before they caught her alive, hung her on a meat hook on the wall and raped her. By that time Montus regained control of his body from paralysis and started fighting back, but the Dark Eldar leader already killed her and bottled her soul in the Spiritstone. In the ensuing fight Montus killed the leader with it's own leg and liberated the the Spiritstone, it is currently in his possession. Such a brave and heroic soul is worth a lot for the Dark Eldar.