• Name: Horim the Heartless
    Horim the Heartless

    Horim the Heartless, during one of his sleep periods, carrying his Banner of Defiance.

  • Rank: Shadow Guard Dreadnought
  • Born: 275.M41
  • Cult: Imperial Creed
  • Status: Deceased (344.M41)
  • About:

Horim was a giant of a marine, standing fully a head taller than Chapter Master, this is due in no small part to the fact that he was already 7 foot tall before he recieved his Astartes augmentations. Precociously strong, he is currently the undefeated wrestling Champion of the Ghosts of Retribution, with many marines having challenged him and failed. Horim is a simple man, he does not interest himself with battle tactics or scholarly pursuits, though by no means stupid, he has always preferred the simplicity of following his orders to the best of his abilities.

Horims Banner of Defiance

Horim's Banner of Defiance, and yes the fact that he is in a coffin,never mind the fact that it walks, is not lost on anybody. Oh the Iron E.

It is because of this he was chosen to be part of the Shadow Guard, fiercely loyal, he would follow Chapter Master to the Eye of Terror and back, and would be glad to die at his side. His extreme strength helps him in this regard, as demonstrated on Varda, when Chapter Master and his Shadow Guards were fighting Orks, Chapter Master became seperated and was surrounded, Horim, furious at the idea of Chapter Master being harmed, and by extension, him failing his duties, charged at the Orks with a ferocity unseen by the chapter before and since, hacking with his chainsword and swinging with his fist, he cut a bloody swathe towards Chapter Master, leaving dozens of dead Orks in his wake, and routed the surviving Orks.

In 333.M41 Horim was severely wounded whilst extracting Vinidcare Ceiron from Tartarus, he fell heroically protecting Chapter Master, and was interred into a Dreadnought for his sacrifice. In 344.M41, Horim took part in the mission to destroy the Arch-Heretic Quixos. The noble dreadnought was killed by the daemonically empowered traitor, but his sacrifice bought Chapter Master time to discover the true name of Quixos' daemonic patron and defeat the heretic once and for all.


  • Right Arm -  Assault Cannon
  • Left Arm - Power Fist
  • Back Mounted - Banner of Defiance

Special rulesEdit

  • Heroic title (Heartless) - Intimidation bonus


"My brothers jokes regarding my 'mental capacity' do get tiring, yes.......but I notice the ones who have seen me in battle, or challenged me in the combat ring, suddenly decide that it's advantageous to their health to cease their commenting."

-from conversation with fellow Shadow Guard Sulix .

This war, this galaxy, this eternal struggle, I believe that it has a purpose. We follow Him on Terra not just because he is our genetical father... I come to believe that mortals see what we cannot. He is something more, something divine. There is no other explanation why Humanity is still alive.

- exerpt from Horim's speech on why he should become the Chaplain

" grave!"

- Horim's last, defiant words to his killer, Quixos