• Name: Ice Wraiths
  • Leader: Captain Harmantos
  • Members: The Second Company and a handful of others.
  • Battle Cry: [none]
  • Values: [unknown]


A secretive cult that doesn't actively recruit new members and generally keeps their secrets to themselves. The Ice Wraiths comprise the entirety of the 2nd company. Ice Wraiths have their separate tower inside the Tombstone, where no one apart from them goes.

In 330.m41 Targos reported he saw some Ice Wraiths smuggle some humans in crates aboard the Aspera Dominus to Mormark. Every time he was asked, Harmantos claimed he didn't know anything about them. One of these inquires happened right after he revealed the Ice Wraith's secrets and rituals to Chaper Master, so it is possible he indeed doesn't know anything. However Harmantos eventually did get to the bottom of it and discovered the human captives were Mormarkian convicts used for interrogation training by the Ice Wraiths before being handed over to Nestorium to work as enslaved menials.


Ice Wraiths are known for their months-long religious journey into the ice wastes of Mormark, known as the Trek. It involves going on foot for hundreds of kilometers to the mythical Ice Valley, where they and exercise for a few weeks, improving themselves. With the aid from a group intelligent Gnars the "Wise Ones", they make a spiritual journey. The selected few, who are strong enough can gain audience with the Spirit of Mormark, the planet's soul.

Known members: Edit

  • Captain Harmantos
  • Lieutenant Endert
  • Sergeant Grison
  • Kastus
  • Loxir
  • Vamod
  • Arden
  • Apothecary Krayvir