DAoT gladius

DAoT Power Gladius "Ironhaunt".

This weapon fell into the hands of Chapter Master during the Invasion of Mormark, specifically - Operation Ice Spear. During the battle Chapter Master was confronted by the Herald of Laughing God, who was sent to punish him for not upholding the deal they made all those years ago on Hades. He was taken into the Limbo once more, from where he could witness as the tide of battle turned away from the Ghosts after their ambush was ambushed. However Chapter Master broke out of the grip of Herald and returned to the battlefield, but this time in the very midst of it - on the top of Wrath-assimilated Reaver Titan "Imperator Invictus". He infiltrated it and inside encountered Wrath AI Commander, whom he defeated in single combat. After enemy was defeated, Chapter Master seized it's weapon - an ancient Power Gladius, and because of it's specialised nature to destroy mechanical enemies he called it "Ironhaunt". Because of this heroic feat Ironhaunt is considered to be one of the most precious relics in the possession of the Chapter.


Ironhaunt was designed in an Age when Man fought Machine for dominance over the Galaxy, so it was built specifically for fighting Men of Iron and other technology-based enemies. It does so in a few ways:

  • Electromagnetic Strike - Ironhaunt can be activated to release a surge of electricity with a strike, it is powerful enough to fry any technological enemy or power armour and to electrocute almost any organic thing.
  • Overcharge - Ironhaunt can be used as a conduit to release arches of lightning, electrocuting groups of enemies at once. However this ability should not be used lightly - it can be dangerous to the user and requires a lot of energy.
  • EMP field - Ironhaunt emanates low frequency electromagnetic pulses that disrupt processes within non-shielded electronics in the vicinity. Powerful enough to deny enemy use of complex ranged weapons, communications and to give mechanical enemies(like Men of Iron) -10 penalty to actions they take. Constantly drains power.

Other NamesEdit

Because of conflicting accounts among marines on how exactly weapon was retrieved, in tales told by the Ghosts it's also known by other names. Some of them are:

  • "Ironbane" - alternative name sometimes used to suggest Ironhaunt's properties that help to figh machines.
  • "The Thunder of Vengeance" - used when describing Ironhaunt as the weapon that will bring down Wrath.
  • "Ghost's Edge" - coined by space marine poet Lyrion in his epic tragedy "Breaking the Ice Spear".
  • "Iron Specter" - used in semi-mythical account among the marines about Ghost fighting the Shell.

Current wielder: Chapter MasterEdit

(note: in order to receive benefits provided by the relic it's necessary to properly bind with it, just equiping it to someone an hour before the battle won't provide anything beyond what a normal weapon would provide)