• Judith

    Sister Judith preparing for operation.

  • Rank: Sister Hospitaller
  • Born: 295-305.M41 (Montus' estimate, assuming no Rejuv treatments).
  • Status: Captured by a Dark Eldar raiding party, currently somewhere in Commoragh , searched for by Montus
  • About: Sister Judith spend most of her childhood in a Schola Progenium, as both of her parents were killed. Her two brothers, one of whom became a commissar in the Imperial Guard, and the other a Space Marine initiate, also grew up in a Schola Progenium. Their current whereabouts are unknown to Judith, a fact she deeply laments. She is noticeable for being quite caring and optimistic despite these circumstances, a fact that may be attributed to her young age. She is also very cute. Was serving the Order of Bloody Tears up until her capture on Lithuanica by the Dark Eldar Vorl-Xoelanth. She is known to support the White Preachers faction of the Ecclesiarchy, as they share her dislike of violence.

Skills & TraitsEdit

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Sister Judith in full armour.

"What follows friday? How many Astartes do you need to purge a heretic? How many fingers do you see when I move my hand?"

-Judith to Brother Montus, after he repeatedly demanded her hat