Kerius Dermont, Lord Regent of Mormark, in his uniform.

  • Name: Kerius Dermont
  • Occupation: Lord Regent of Mormark
  • Status: Resides on Mormark
  • Background: Former Imperial Guard General, he is a stern, loyal and efficient man, mostly concerned with the wellbeing of his people. He is loved by people of Mormark, but for many outsiders he might seem like a dictator - his punishment is quick and harsh, tolerating no dissent. It is known that he has participated in Ionian Crusades in his youth, where he earned his first decorations and first scars.
  • Recent history: Ghosts of Retribution have won Kerius' respect and he allowed them to make his planet their home, despite the markedly increased risk that came with having such forces on the planet. During the Invasion of Mormark he worked tirelessly to command his forces, and thanks to the work of him and his armies Chapter Master had the time to defeat the Wrath. in 332.M41 he requested the Ghosts of Retribution take his two sons, Xavior and Artemis, and give them experience in the grim reality of war and hardship in Sector Deus.
  • Motivation: Personal power, duty and protecting those under his command.
  • Affiliation: Imperial Guard, Ionian Veterans, Ghosts of Retribution
  • Assets: Mormark - military, economy and population. Also has numerous friends in the Imperial Guard. Good friends with Chapter Master.