The Laughing God

There's nothing Cegorach loves more than playing with lives of others...

Cegorach - the Great Harlequin, the Great Fool, the First Fool, the Laughing God - is one of the Eldar gods, and the central figure of Harlequin belief. While most of the gods were destroyed during the Fall of the Eldar, according to legend, this deity survived because his mocking nature distanced him from the corruption and decadence that became Slaanesh. Cegorach is the only authority the Harlequins recognize.

Involvement with Ghosts of RetributionEdit

In 317.M41 Chapter Master was released from Eldar captivity on Hades. While trying to reestablish contact with his brothers, Chapter Master ventured to an ancient abandoned shipwreck and by accident overloaded nuclear energy reactors, resulting in an explosion of apocalyptic proportions. Chapter Master himself was ripped out of this reality and stood on the Gates of Limbo. Too stubborn to die, but not strong enough to live, he used his newfound psychic powers to reach out to Adriel. She asked a Harlequin to barter on Chapter Masters behalf with the Laughing God, the Master of Limbo, probably the only entity in the galaxy who could have done anything in that situation apart from Chaos Gods and the Emperor himself. Chapter Master decided that he is the only one who can warn his brothers of the coming doom(prophecy that he received), so with great pain he agreed to sacrifice a part of his sanity and fate to become a plaything in Cegorach's hands in exchange for his life. In 331.M41 Chapter Master managed to cast out the Laughing God's influence on him through intense study and meditation. Though he chose to retain the ability to contact the Laughing God should he ever wish to.

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