• Name: Montus
  • Rank: Battle Brother
  • Born: Unknown
  • Cult: Unknown
  • Status: Missing in Action
  • About: Brother Montus is one of those few Ghosts of Retribution who suffered a "whitewash" effect during initiation, that erased all of his memories prior to joining the Chapter, so it's the only home he ever had. His service record was quite ordinary until the skirmish in 324.M41 with the Sisters of Battle from the Order of Bloody Tears, where he was by accident abandoned by his brothers and listed as MIA. In order not to waste his life in vain and get at least a small chance to return to the Chapter, Montus agreed to serve the Order as the Brother in Arms as a compensation for the losses Sisters suffered during the the skirmish. During a mission with the Sisters of Battle he and Judith got ambushed by Dark Eldar. He was immobilized by some sort of poison, and had to watch while several Sisters of Battle were killed, and worse. When the Dark Eldar dragged Judith into the webway, however, he killed several of them in a display of unparalleled willpower bare handed, despite losing his left arm. He found himself in some sort of gladiatorial arena after following the Dark Eldar into the Webway Gate, and got shot in the shoulder of his right arm by a sniper there. He killed two of three Dark Eldar Wyches which approached him after the battle by kicking an acid grenade back to them. The third tricked him, however, and he is currently in her servitude. His first mission from her, was to eliminate the insolent lesser wych Lydia, Montus' assignment went exceptionally well, with Lydia and any witnesses killed in a spectacular display of speed and precision. His next step towards recovering Judith was Archon Vorl-Xoelanth, the Dark Eldar who kidnapped Judith, reincarnated by xenos technology. Montus has enacted a campaign of terror against Dark Eldar of his Kabal, both to seed fear amongst them and raise enough souls to hire mercenaries to help him assault the Kabal's headquarters and confront Xoelanth.

Check at Commoragh Quest


"You will elicit no words from me, common wench. Come back tomorrow, whore."

-Brother Montus, to the Sister Superior who supervised his interrogation.

These remained the only words spoken by him during his torture

"Sorry, can't hear you over the sound of me beating you with your own LEG!"

-Brother Montus as he unleashes the Emperor's judgement on Vorl-Xoelanth on Lithuanica.

"The laws of statistical probability never fail to fail me."

-Montus after attempting most challenges.