• Name: Nerial Derang
  • Rank: High Astropath
  • Born: 220.M41
  • Cult: -not marine-
  • Status: Serving the Chapter
  • About:

Nerial is a very old astropath that served the Chapter even before it was officially founded, relaying messages between the High Lords and Gene Priests that were responsible for creation of Ghosts. Some marines even joke among themselves that he lost his eyes not because of the binding process, but because they were taken out so that he wouldn't see what exactly was being done with the Ghosts behind the curtain. This of course is just a joke. He is very loyal to the Ghosts of Retribution and Chapter Master.

In 332.M41 Nerial gave Chapter Master a small old key passed to him by Entyrus Zykion before his asssassination.

In 353.M41 Chapter Master paid 20 wealth to give Nerial an extensive rejuvenation procedure that restored him to exceptional state, extending his expected lifespan to 300+ years.

Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Psy Rating 4
  • Willpower 48
    • +Astrotelepathy (+30)
  • +Psychic Abilities: Telepathy, Psychic Shriek, Influence, Hallucination.
  • +Fully Rejuvenated: [+10 to physical tests] In 353.M41 Nerial underwent an extensive rejuvenation procedure that restored him to peak physical state.
  • +Loyal to Chapter Master [+20]


I celebrated my 100th birthday alone in my cell. No one ever remembers the astropaths.

-from personal diary.