Blueprints for Mk. XII Pattern Servitor Enhancement.

Description: Nestorium, as the leading Forge World in Sector Deus, has always heavily influenced philosophical thought of Adeptus Mechanicus in the Sector and even wider Segmentum Obscurus. As Nestorium was founded relatively late, when compared with old Forge Worlds, such as Mars, Graia, Lucius or Urdesh, it always had a lot less resources, STC designs and Patterns than it's rivals. This soon lead to quite radical change of attitude to rediscovery and invention of new technology. Since mid-M39 Nestorium was following a policy of adaptation and improvisation when it came to Patterns, leading to many unorthodox hybrid designs that are shunned by wider Mechanicus. However as all of those designs are based on existing, Mars approved templates, they are well protected against any accusations of heresy. This doctrine soon lead to great achievements that put Nestorium on par with the great Forge Worlds of the Imperium. By the beginning of M41, when Fabricator General Regon took up his mantle in 002.M41, under his influence this doctrine began to slowly spread outside of Nestorium. As across the Segmentum whispers started to rise about these new teachings, Regon understood that he, his Forge World and their doctrine might very soon come under attack. In 099.M41 he made a daring political maneouvre - he travelled to Mars and defended this new way to interpret Machine Cult before the Ruling Priesthood of Mars. Heated debates raged for over two months in the halls of Grand Martian Temple, until Fabricator General of Mars declared, that this hearing is suspended until the more convenient time. It was decided, that they will monitor Nestorium and it's progress for 3 centuries and then will convene again to discuss results. However it was a great victory for Regon and his followers not to be outright declared heretics. As a form of celebration, after the hearing was over, Regon officially founded Nestorian Learners as a philosophical faction. They are eagerly awaiting the time when they will once more receive a chance to speak in front of the Ruling Priesthood and hope that their interpretation will be accepted into the official Mechanicus Cult. Their hearing is schedulled to happen in Mars in 399.M41.

Agenda: Getting official recognition from Adeptus Mechanicus, strengthening Nestorium, Quest for Knowledge, modification and merging of existing Patterns to create new designs.

Assets: Nestorium, it's military and economy, also allied Forge Worlds and Ghosts of Retribution.

Known members:

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