• Population: 4 million [4 000 000] personnel plus 38 million [38 000 000] prisoners.
  • Government: Inquisitorial Limited Autocracy. Nobis doesn't have an omnipotent ruler as every Inquisitor is considered to be sovereign, however planetary day-to-day affairs and management of the vast prisons are a lifetime duty given to an Inquisitor that is elected by the council of Inquisitor Lords. Current Master of Nobis is Asimor Dero.
  • Description: Nobis is the only planetary body in the whole Sector Deus that is claimed as an Inquisitorial property. Because of it's airless atmosphere and being close to Capitolis Sectorum it was chosen to be the perfect place for Inquisitorial Palace and prisons. There are miles and miles of underground facilities that are used for incarceration and interrogation. Over 90% of the population is composed of prisoners that are too valuable or too insignificant for execution. Many of the Inquisitors, despite having their personal hideouts, have official offices on Nobis.
  • Technology: [VII – Perfect] Inquisition uses only the highest quality technologies.
  • Military: Inquisitorial stormtroopers have their headquarters here, so do elite off-Sector Inquisition-trained Imperial Guard regiments that are kept here for large scale Inquisitorial missions. Also rumoured to be the base for Grey Knights in Sector Deus.
  • Strategic importance: [Minima] This moon is a worthless piece of flying rock, it is important only because of it's Inquisitorial facilities(which can be relocated if needed). There are unconfirmed rumours among the prisoners, that there are series of quake bombs located on Nobis that would be detonated in case of a prisoner revolt that would go out of control. Such a devastating action would collapse underground facilities, burying their secrets forever.
  • Loyalty: [Imperial 99.9%] All of the Inquisitorial agents and troops on the world are almost fanatical in their cause, however it's not the case with prisoners.