• Name: Prinium
  • Rank: Master of the Forge
  • Born: 269.M41
  • Cult: None
  • Status: Deceased (322.M41)
  • About: Prinium was a very unusual techpriest - he was always in mood for a talk and never put machines before his brothers. Because of this he was a trusted specialist and loved leader both by his subordinates and superiors. He met an undeserved end in 322.M41 when he was murdered by the Daemonically-possessed Chapter Master. One of the moons of Mormark is named in his honour.

Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Tech-use 44
  • Hacking 25
  • Leadership 38


Machines endure. Omnisiah granted them to us for this very purpose, they endure. Metal is stronger than flesh and it was given to us so that we could protect lives with it. Machine can be rebuilt, restored or in the worst case - made anew. However none of these options are fully possible on our brothers. Because of this reason I urge you, my friends, never sacrifice a marine for a machine.

-from discussion with other Techpriests.