• Name: Quixos

    The corrupted Quixos

  • Occupation: Ordo Malleus Inqusitor
  • Status: Deceased (344.M41)
  • Background: Born in 000.M41, Quixos was once known as 'Quixos the Great', as a loyal Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus, Quixos purged Chaos wherever he went. Hundreds of tales of his heroism in the face of Chaos abound, the banishings of countless daemons, the merciless hunting of Chaos Space Marines, the purging of Chaos Cults, even on Terra itself. Quixos' past became legend, his future, however, took a much darker turn. Whilst battling a daemon on Lackan XV, Quixos was savagely impaled on its claws, a tiny sliver of which embedded itself in his heart. Over time, this fragment would turn Quixos the Bright into the greatest traitor of his age. After dabbling in chaotic artefacts and summoning Daemonhosts, Quixos was confronted by the Puritan Inquisitor Helgrund, who Quixos subsequently killed, and became fully renegade. After killing another Inquisitor sent to hunt him down, Quixos went deep into hiding in 239.M41. 
  • Recent history: Almost 100 years after he went into hiding, and long since considered dead, the Ghosts of Retribution, at the behest of Inqusitor Hesten enacted Operation Ghostly Justice, raiding an underground facility on Inaria belonging to Quixos. After finding the horrors within, the Grey Knight assigned the guard the base, Deiron, went searching for Quixos. During his search, he was apprehended by Quixos and had the entirety of his warded flesh removed gradually and replaced with synthetic flesh. This allowed Quixos to turn the unfortunate Grey Knight into a Daemonhost. However Deiron was apprehended by Inquisitor Hesten and imprisoned on Nobis. However, Hesten's investigation into Quixos came to an abrubt halt, as his vessel went missing in the warp (allegedally) and he was listed as MIA. In the mid-330s.M41, Quixos perpetrated the atrocity at Thracian Primaris, strafing a victory parade, killing thousands of citizens, almost killing Inqusitor Eisenhorn and capturing over 30 Alpha+ Psykers to use in his nefarious schemes. A few years later, Eisenhorn contacted the Ghosts of Retribution about Quixos, and after learning of Deiron's location and his status as Eisenhorn's only lead, they enacted Operation Unseen Blade. Having recovered the Daemonhost, Eisenhorn interrogated him and learned Quixos' hiding place, the world of Farness Beta in Sector Cadia. Eisenhorn, Chapter Master and a few Space Marines travelled to Farness Beta, and along with 4 other inquisitors and an Imperial Navy/Guard taskforce, confronted the Heretic Extremis Diabolus Quixos once and for all in Operation Decapitation in 344.M41. The mission was a success, and Quixos was killed.