Fabricator General Regon

  • Name: Horaxo Maeoris Regon.
  • Occupation: Fabricator General of Nestorium.
  • Status: Governing Nestorium from his residence in the Temple of the Omnissiah in Forge Nestora.
  • Background: Very little is known about Regon's origins. He became Fabricator General in 002.M41 and is the founder of the Nestorian Learners faction.
  • Motivation: Knowledge, power, destroying the Ecclesiarchy's powerbase in Sector Deus.
  • Affiliation: Nestorian Learners, Ghosts of Retribution
  • Assets: Nestorium and its Explorator Fleet, Titan Legions, Skitarii forces & economy.

Recent HistoryEdit

The Ghosts of Retribution met Regon when they first came to Sector Deus. He almost immediatelly offered himself as a firm ally, and Regon was responsible for organising the joint archeotech raid for STC templates on Varda. This would ultimately culminate in the cleansing of Varda and its claiming by the Chapter.

Regon also was the one who persuaded the Nestorian Machine Council to create the Retribution Pattern Baneblade and the Revenant-pattern Power Armour for the Ghosts of Retribution, based on STCs they recovered from Varda.

Regon and his forge world would prove to be stalward allies for the Ghosts of Retribution. During the Invasion of Mormark they contributed their titan legions, at the Betrayal at Varda they lent the assistance of their mightiest ship, the Technomancer, and have rendered assistance in many smaller ways throughout the years.