Renard, Master of the Shadow Guard, responsible for guarding the Chapter Master.


  • Name: Renard
  • Rank: Master of the Shadow Guard
  • Born: 269.M41
  • Cult: Chapter Cult
  • Status: Serving the Chapter
  • About: A suspicious and hardy warrior, tasked with guarding the Chapter Master . Brothers joke among themselves, that even when he goes to pray, he checks Emperor's statue for hidden explosives.

Renard is one of the few marines to survive the deadly push through Troat Rippaz territory on Varda. Bogged down in mud and swamps the Space Marine column and their Adeptus Mechanicus allies found themselves in the middle of an ambush. Within a few minutes of the engagement Magos Explorator Galeus, his engineseers, and the Scitarii forces were ripped apart by the brutal orks. Marine Commander Pacio, Ectus, and Mornah lay dead with Klinius being drug off into the brush by the Troat Rippaz. Renard found himself low on ammo standing back to back with Horim and his half-empty flamer as they finally routed the Ork forces. Low on ammo and spirits nearly crushed Renard opted to leave the recovery of the dead for later and pushed on towards the objective and recovery of the STC.

Since then Renard has served dilligently for decades as Chapter Master's Shadow Guard Master - Captan of the Chapter Honour Guard. Renard's dilligence thwarts many attempts to harm Chapter Master before they even happen, but he does not shirk his duties on the battlefield, ever ready to dive into the path of a deathblow or push Chapter Master away from certain death. During Operation Wild Hunt Renard pushed Chapter Master from the path of a blistering plasma gun ambush, and took the vicious fire himself. The tough Space Marine managed to cling onto life despite the savaging his body had taken, and he was soon back in action.

Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Weapon Skill 60
  • Perception 60
    • Renard Miniature

      Renard Miniature

      +Awareness (+30)
  • Intelligence 52
    • +Navigation (+8)
    • +Inquiry (+5)
  • +Suspicious(33% chance to detect evil intention without any logical reason)
  • +Bodyguard(75% chance to swap places with Chapter Master in case of danger)
  • +Hero of Farness Beta [+10 WP]

Special EquipmentEdit

  • Heroic Weapon (Power Halberd) Shadowstrike
  • Tiberius' Armour - Forged by Techmarine Tiberius, this armour incorporates a powerful forcefield that is all but impervious to small arms and can shrug off a melta hit.
    Ghosts of Retribution Relic Shadowstrike

    "Shadowstrike, this lance was a gift from the White Scars to the Raven Guard, it has served them well and brought judgement on many a foe of Man, may it serve the Ghosts of Retribution as it did us." - Shadow Captain during the presentation of the relic.

  • Wrist-mounted Storm Bolter
  • Bolt Pistol
  • Frak & Krak Grenades
  • Melta Bombs


Renards halberd

the power halberd used by Renard

We are the Shadow Guard. Our squad was given a sacred duty of protecting the life of our Chapter Master and that is a duty which we will not fail. We are called like this because of what we are. We will follow him like Shadows, at all times, and we will trust no one, because he has to trust many. There will be no peace and no respite in our duty, but this is the greatest honour a Ghost can think of.

-from conversation with other Shadow Guards