Like most Deathwishers, Sarkos is a grim and dour marine, with a fearless attitude that borders on suicidal. During Operation Ghostly Justice, Chapter Master ordered him to pick up a mysterious book inside a small chamber within a secret Inquisitional facility (residing Inquisitor deemed heretical), Sarkos was unaffected when he touched the book, much to his relief. However, doubt arose within him about his Chapter Master, clearly Chapter Master was wary of the book, yet willingly put Sarkos' very soul in danger to retrieve it without risking himself. Once he saw that touching the book did not harm Sarkos, Chapter Master foolishly decided to look inside, a fatal mistake, the dark powers that resided within the book were about to kill Chapter Master (and indeed had already caused him to lose an eye), but deathwisher Tiskion grabbed the book from his hands just in time. Unfortunately, Tiskion was driven berserk by the book and Lieutenant Kronos had to euthanise him. Ever since that day, Sarkos has wondered whether Chapter Master can truly be trusted to lead his Chapter properly, regardless of this, he obeys his orders without question.

Since that day Sarkos has performed his duties well, and seems to have slowly grown more trusting of Chapter Master once again. He performed admirably during the Cleansing of San Larion, and thanks to his long service time was promoted to Sergeant afterwards to fill the void left by Fifth Company's massive losses.

Stats, Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Ballistic Skill 45
    • Marksmanship (+15)
  • Charisma 41
    • Leadership (+0)


"I know not what heretics resides inside this place, but we shall make Chapter Master proud when we strike them down brother!"

- Sarkos talking with Tiskion as they descended towards the ocean floor during Operation Ghostly Justice.