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    Serpentina, looking in disgust at Montus.

  • Rank: Palatine
  • Born: ~290.M41
  • Status: Serving the Order of Bloody Tears


Sister Serpentina was the one who was given the duty of torturing Montus in the dungeons of Adeptus Sororita Covenant on Attero in 324.M41. From the time he spent with her she seemed like a cruel, almost sadistic person, enjoying inflicting various torture on the poor marine. However she also has deep faith in the Emperor. She hated Montus and thought that he should die.

By 350.M41 Serpentina had been promoted to Palatine and Canoness Commander Ardentia's second-in-command at the Prison-Convent on Attero. She also serves as the prison's chief interrogator.

In 354.M41 she was assigned by Canoness Engel to tutor the Belisarian twins residing in the Tombstone. Serpentina and a handful of other teachers travelled to the Fortress-Monastery to do their duty.

In 359.M41 after the Coup against Larion Ursus the Belisarian twins ascended to the Sector Palace on Tachion Primaris. Serpentina and her sororitas meanwhile returned to the Sarassima Prison-Convent on Attero.