• Title: The 7th Company of the Ghosts of Retribution
  • Moniker: 
  • Commander: Captain Kay
  • 2nd in Command: Lieutenant Tercius


The 7th Company was officially formed in 322.M41 as a single unit of 20 Assault Marines, the entirety of the Chapter Jump-Pack equipped marines. Many years later, after a geneseed harvest, the Company's numbers swelled with Tactical Marines, and the 7th was a proper Company. Its first real action with in the Betrayal at Varda, where it was roaming the forests when the Frateris ambushed the Fifth and Sixth Companies. The relatively unmolested 7th was free to ambush Frateri airfields and caused large damage with their Jump-Packs, Landspeeders and Bikes.

For 3 years starting in 349.M41 the 7th Company oversaw the training of the Order of the Ionian Tempest in Operation Tempest.

In 355.M41 the 7th Company was pivotal in evacuating Lord Admiral Tyrel Hagen from Karn Dereg after he was targeted by two Imperial Assassins, the Eversor Anarxio and the Vinda Ceiron.

In 359.M41 the 7th Company bore the brunt of the assault in the Battle of the Sector Palace (359.M41). Through fire and blood they successfully claimed the Sector Palace from its defenders.

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Noteable Seventh Company MarinesEdit


  • Captain Kay
  • Lieutenant Tercius - Second-in-command of the 7th Company