Shadow Guard is an elite unit within Ghosts of Retribution, founded in 315.M41 with a sole purpose of protecting Chapter Master against any threats he might encounter.

  • Title: The Shadow Guard
  • Moniker: 
  • Chapter Colours Variation: Silver Helmet
  • Commander: Captain Renard

Inner HierarchyEdit

Even though in principle Shadow Guard operates like a squad, it has a separate and different command structure from other parts of the Chapter. Shadow Guard takes orders only from Chapter Master himself.

  • Shadow Master is the leader of this unit. Always stays near Chapter Master.
  • Shadow of Mind is concerned with threats to Chapter Master from within the Chapter. Checks reports of any suspicious behaviour or possible evil motives.
  • Shadow of Body has a duty to protect Chapter Master in combat and answer the challenges of enemy warlords, this position is equivilent to Chapter Champion in Codex chapter structure.
  • Shadow of Soul is a Librarian, he protects Chapter Master from psychic attacks and dangers that come from Immaterium.
  • Shadow is the basic member of the Shadow Guard, selected from the veterans, he is expected to follow and protect Chapter Master in battle.

Current membersEdit

  • Renard - Shadow Master
  • Targos - Shadow of Mind
  • Sulix - Shadow of Body
  • Eranor - Shadow, power sword, WS 47
  • Hantyr - Shadow, dual bolt pistols, BS 48
  • Koden - Shadow, bolter, bolt pistol & knife, BS 44
  • Zangar - Shadow, power axe, WS 38
  • Dunox - Shadow, flamer, BS 44

Former membersEdit

  • Inirium - Shadow
  • Horim - Shadow. Formerly Shadow of Body before he was interred within a Dreadnought.