• Name: Silencius
  • Occupation: Chapter Master of the Silent Guardians chapter
  • Status: Unkown
  • Background: Unknown.
  • Recent history:

Both Librarian Anterion, and Liblarian Sixtus Acenos, just before their deaths urged you to find Silencius and speak with him.

In 328.M41, when the Ghosts of Retribution encountered the Silent Guardians above Olympia they informed Chapter Master the Silencius went missing in a situation somehow related to Inquisitor Quixos.

In 349.M41, the Spirit of Mormark revealed, that the Silant Guardians lie about the Silencius, who left them on his own accord, and he was on Ophelia VII at that moment. The Chapter Master fowarded this information to the Inquisition. Commodus Voke confronted Silencius on Ophelia VII, and if not the message of Chapter Master and thus the intervention of Inquisitor Eisenhorn, he would have died. Currently they are investigating for the Silencius.

  • Motivation: According to the Spirit of Mormark, and the report of Commodus Voke, Silencius is on a quest to revive the Emperor. He is collaborating with Quixos, and he believes that "Terra must burn" for that to happen. "He is seeking cure that does not exist" According to the final words of Sixtus Acenos, he is being decieved, and Quixos was lying to him.
  • Affiliation: Unknown.
  • Assets: Silent Guardians chapter.