• Name: Soulkillers

    Soulkiller Marine [Artist: Berserker on Fire]

  • Leader: Captain Arcon
  • Members: 3rd Company + a few others
  • Battle Cry: Battle is my Altar! You are my Sacrifice! For the Emperor!
  • Values: Honour, Skill
  • About:
    • Origins: A superstition that originated out of the combat on Varda, Marines first thought that when they killed an Ork they were able to trap its soul to serve them at the Emperor’s side in the afterlife. The Chapter Master was informed by Chaplain Extatius that these beliefs were unorthodox, instead of crushing the spirits of his men he allowed the Chaplain to speak on his behalf and limit the new superstition from spreading to the remainder of the chapter.
    • Beliefs: Soulkillers believe, that the best way worship the Emperor is to sacrifice slain enemies(or even better - living prisoners) in his honour. Rituals differ from squad to squad, but some of them go as far as eat their enemies to gain their strength. They are also fanatical trophy collectors, so a Soulkiller can be noticed from afar because of shrunken heads/xeno pelts/bone bracelets that they like to display. Soulkiller have a strong rivalry with Deathwishers.
    • Soulkiller short story

In 330.M41 the Soulkillers departed with Captain Arcon and the Destiny to go on crusade and perhaps rejoin the chapter many years in the future, Prekan and 7 other Soulkillers, who witnessed the death and corrupted nature of Chaplain Tacitarius returned to the Chapter immediately, and remain there.

Notable MembersEdit