Sub-Sector Cryptus Map

Departmento Cartographicae map detailing the Cryptus Sub-sector ca. 000.M41

Subsector Cryptus is one of the subdivisions of Sector Deus. It is a generally peaceful and plentiful subsector on average, though has an ongoing & ancient conflict with ork empires on the coreward border of Sector Deus.

Imperial Worlds

  • Solstreim - Hive World that exports massive amounts of Promethium.
  • Volitair - Fortress World that provides the majority of the defence for Subsector Cryptus. Is frequently engaged by orknoid forces from the coreward ork worlds.
  • Peletonium - Industrial world that exports both munitions and civilian-goods.
  • Infernus - A colossal crevice dominates the northern hemisphere of this world, at the base of this crevice is a massive penal colony.
  • Eregriis - Agri-world with vast, continent spanning cattle-farms.
  • Nymeria - Civilised trade world known for it's premium markets, considerd a more 'respectable' version of Templos.
  • Platius - Mining world that exports unimaginably vast quantities of common-use ore (iron, aluminium etc.).
  • Varda - A green jungle world, previously infested, a part of Realm of Ghosts of Retribution.
  • Wladistan - Feudal World of stepes and mountains, inhabited by simple, almost medieval, nomadic people.
  • Marc'hegiezh - Feudal technobarbarian world with very little direct Imperial control.

Non-Imperial WorldsEdit

  • Tartarus - a space station located in an asteroid swarm near a dying star, a favourite place for pirates, captains and merchants to gather. Officialy swears allegiance to the Imperium, but in practice it is beyond the reach of Imperial authorities.
  • Dark Sister - is an ancient space hulk that appears every couple of years in this part of Subsector cryptus. Not many have ventured there and returned to tell the tale, captains tend to avoid this area. Destroyed
  • Hefaistos - an uninhabited mountain world with thousands of active volcanoes, it's skies are always covered by the ashen clouds and it's rivers are made of lava.
  • Ord - Gigantic world with no oceans or mountains. Major Ork stronghold.
  • Remgar - Red-hot by day, ice-cold by night. Heavy Ork infestation.
  • Sondark - Granite-covered world controlled by space-faring non-Imperial human civilisation. Very militaristic as it battles Ork infestation constantly.
  • Drohia - Once-human world, overrun by Orks. Notable for flowers that can be used to produce one of the strongest versions of spook drug.
  • Theta-094 - Location of one of the battles that were fought just after the Horus Heresy between Ultramarines and retreating Night Lords. Bright-red sun shines on frozen ten-millenia old corpses and debris from the battle. However there are rumours among Chartist Captains that all the warp routes to this system are cursed.