• Name: Targos
  • Targos Miniature
    Shadow of Mind
  • Born: 274.M41
  • Cult: Chapter Cult
  • Status: Serving the Chapter
  • Ghosts Chapter Banner

    The Chapter Banner, as it was on the day the Ghosts set out to their new home.

    As a Shadow Guard, Targos is sworn to protect the life of his Chapter Master , even at the cost of his own. In addition to his primary bodyguarding duties, he also serves as Captain Renard 's right-hand man, and shares Renard's natural suspicion. When he is not beside Chapter Master, he spends most of his time sifting through reports of 'odd' behavior submitted by squad Sergeants about their marines. These reports almost always lead to nothing, with the 'odd' behavior inevitably having perfectly reasonable explanations, and most of the reports that Targos deemed worthy of following up ammounted to very little in terms of consequences. But Targos continues his duty stoically, knowing that even a single heretic, gone unheeded, could bring down the Chapter. When Chapter Master and the Shadow Guard deploy into combat, Targos wields the Chapter Banner.

Skills & TraitsEdit

  • Ballistic Skill 41
  • Intelligence 45
    • +Inquiry (+0)
    • +Interrogation (+0)
  • Hero of Farness Beta [+10 WP]

Special EquipmentEdit

  • Chapter Banner
  • Relic Boltgun Traitors Lament
    Ghosts of Retribution Relic Traitors Lament

    "Traitors Lament", a relic bolter from the Raven Guard, gifted to the Ghosts for their Founding, is a reaper of lives of traitors

  • Specialist ammunition:
    • Kraken Bolts
    • Dragonfire Bolts
    • Flux Core Bolts


"My battle brothers often sigh with irritation when I stop by their barracks for a few questions, but they know, as I do, that we must ever be wary of inner corruption, I trust my brothers with my life, I do not trust them with their own."

-from discussion on Chapter loyalties with Librarian Trianon