Sister Judith utters a short healing prayer of the White Preachers before an operation.

The White Preachers are a very small faction within the Ecclesiarchy of Sector Deus. They are a peaceful faction, believing in violence only after all diplomatic solutions have failed. This has earned them much disdain from the Iron Monks who believe them to be weak and insufficient in their veneration of the Emperor.

Their non-violent ways have however earned a select few admirers amongst the people of Sector Deus - particularly amongst the Orders Hospitaller - it is known that Sister-Hospitaller Judith supports their mandate. However there are dark rumours that the White Preachers are corrupt from within in a financial sense and that they are using the money they gain from their medical facilities to live in excess, while the poor starve down below in the underhive.

Agenda: To spread the word of the Emperor in the most peaceful manner possible and accumulate wealth while doing so. However a non-violent approach doesn't mean that White Preachers are pacifists, on more than one occassion they have used force but only the direst of circumstances make them show their teeth.

Assets: The White Preachers have little power compared with the Iron Monks or Eaglebearers, but are known to have the finest healing facilities in the entirety of Sector Deus as their beliefs are strongly influenced by the original "Thought of Gudrun". They are also very wealthy because of the money that Sector Deus nobles pay them for rejuvenation procedures. Maintained close ties with Protheran Harvester Lords, however after the Fall of Prothera this relationship was broken. Currently the White Preachers are attempting to increase their influence on Templos.


  • Hospitaller-Bishop Irene Phebe - Assassinated upon Tachion Primaris in 342.M41. Dark rumor points to her failed mediation between Hive-Bishop Erintus of the Iron Monks and the Rogue Trader Anastasia Barbaross in 341.M41 and an altercation with the Hive-Bishop during the attempted resolution.