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  • Location: Subsector Cryptus
  • Type: Steppe Feudal World
  • Tithe: [Manpower] From time to time Imperial ships visit Wladistan looking for hardy, loyal and devout recruits. Irregular, aproximately every 10-15 years.
  • Population: 670 million [670 000 000]
  • Government: Despotic Monarchy. Khan of the strongest horde at the time is considered by the Imperium to be the Planetary Governor. Currently Grand Khan is Xian Guay.
  • Description: Wladistan is a wolrd of endless stepes and mountain ranges with constanly changing climate. Such environment breeds strong people who respect only strength, because of this culture on Wladistan is mostly nomadic, with millions of hunters and warriors wandering together in hordes, constantly fighting each other. The biggest and strongest hordes manage to carve out proper nations and build cities, but history of Wladistan proved, that they never last for more than a few centuries.
  • Technology: [III - Poor] Gunpowder muskets and mechanical clocks are considered to be peak of technological achievement here. From time to time Rogue Traders bring some Imperial technology to exchange for slaves, so you can notice some lasguns or other common Imperial items in circulation, but they are valued greatly here. Xian Guay, wielding a bolt-pistol and carapace armour is considered to be a demi-god because of his invincibility on the battlefield.
  • Military:
    Wladistan horsemen

    Wladistanian nomadic horsemen charging into attack.

    Population is very militant in general, but the fiercest warriors are those from nomadic hordes.
  • Strategic importance: [Minima] A small world that has almost no ties to the rest of the Imperium. decades would pass until someone would notice that something happened to it.
  • Loyalty: [Sky Emperor 40%] Wladistanians worship Sky Emperor, but it is only one of a few major faiths. Other religions are concerned with worshiping their mounts - both horses and raptors, also their sun, as the giver of life, so they are not outright heretical. However they are not Imperial either.