Wuxide craftworld2

Wuxide Craftworld surfing the star waves.

  • World: Wuxide
  • Type: Artificial Mobile Planetary Body - Craftworld
  • Population: [no data]
  • Government: Exarch/Seer Councils
  • Description: One of the legendary Eldar Craftworlds that escaped the Fall. In Imperial records it is mentioned only briefly and most of the details about it are very obscure. However it is known, that Wuxide Craftworld operates within the boundaries of Sector Deus and it's inhabitants most likely work towards some secret agenda. However no mortal has ever visited it and returned to tell the tale so nothing is certain.
  • Technology: [VIII: Xenos - Eldar]
  • Military: [no data]

Interactions with the ImperiumEdit

No major conflict in sector history involves Wuxide craftworld, indicating that they seem generally content with keeping to themselves. However the Eldar are perfidious and manipulative by nature and Wuxide could have had a hidden hand in any number of events.

Of particular note are the Seekers, a group of outcasts from Wuxide craftworld who hunt down and recover lost soulstones across the Sector. Due to the nature of their work they are encountered by humans more often than their non-Outcast fellows.

Treaty of SereniaEdit

In 822.M38 the Eldar made contact with the recently colonised Imperial world of Serenia, this was the first recorded contact the Imperium had ever had with Wuxide Craftworld. The xenos messenger informed the planetary governor that Serenia was a maiden world and property of Wuxide, and demanded that all humans left the planet immediately. The governor was infuriated by the xeno's demands, but representatives of the Administratum and Inquisition arrived before the encounter could turn violent.

The newly discovered Wuxide Craftworld presented a massive potential threat to the Imperium in Sector Deus, especially when coupled with enemies like The Grave and numerous Ork worlds already present. Conversely the Imperium - if suitably motivated - could cause Wuxide problems as well by destroying Serenia and Exodite Worlds like Amar'eth, in addition to the Orks and forces of Chaos that plagued the eldar too. With enough common enemies already in the Sector both the Imperium and Wuxide were loathe to enter into conflict with each other. By the end of several weeks of tense negotiations, the Imperial and Eldar delegations reached a number of agreements:

  • Humans would be permitted to live on Serenia provided they do not build any further settlements or harm the environment, and ensure more destructive creatures like Orks do not ravage the planet.
  • No aggression by the Imperium against Exodite Worlds in the Sector would be tolerated by Wuxide. Should any independent human entities (such as Rogue Traders) show aggression to Exodites, Wuxide would punish them however they saw fit.
  • Neutrality would be the default stance when humans and wuxide eldar encountered one another. The Imperium would not be held responsible for the actions of their common civilians, for they would lynch an Eldar as soon as look at one. Wuxide in turn would not be held responsible for the actions of Dark Eldar or other Craftworlds.

These agreements were never made official in imperial records (as dealing with xenos is, technically, heretical), and no physical treaty actually exists. But the treaty of Serenia is made known to the higher command echelons of every branch of the Imperium in Sector Deus. Imperial Navy Admirals, Planetary Governors, Imperial Guard Lords Generals, and of course, the members of the Inquisition, are aware of these agreements, and most are careful to honour them despite any personal opinions on the matter lest retribution befall them (from either the Eldar or indeed their own more sensible comrades). More than one overzealous Inquisitor has 'gone missing' while in the company of their fellows after demanding war with Wuxide.

Post Treaty InteractionsEdit

Ultimately the agreements of the treaty of Serenia already aligned with the desires of both parties, but agreeing on them in person helped ease tension greatly. The rule on default neutrality would lead to events such as the eldar intervention on Malta in 999.M39, when a wuxidian warhost eliminated a cabal of chaos sorcerers the Imperium found untouchable. Wuxide also takes a dim view of Corsairs as their actions could ruin the treaty, with their outcasts becoming Rangers or Seekers instead.

For their part the Imperium is mostly benign towards Eldar in the Sector. Parties of Eldar found in independent territory are ignored, and any recovered from the illegal slave trade are usually dropped off on an exodite world. Of course most people aware of these rules only know them as arbitrary standing orders. Only the highest echelons of Imperial institutions are privy to the knowledge that this agreement was actually made in-person with Eldar.

The last time Wuxide came into known conflict with the Imperium was in 188.M41 on the exodite world of Amar'eth in Subsector Adamantis. When an Imperial Navy patrol group responded to a Rogue Trader's distress signal they found his vessel orbiting the world claiming that their leader and his entire command crew had mysteriously disappeared planetside despite several previous trips to the surface without incident, leaving the remaining crewmen unsure how to proceed. A small Naval landing party was unmolested when they explored the Rogue Trader's last known location, and they discovered him and his entire landing party of several dozen massacred to the last with no indication that they even had a chance to return fire.

A lone, hidden Eldar declared Wuxide's responsibility for the slaughter from a nearby treeline, before throwing the armsmen a recording of the Rogue Trader and his officers hunting native exodites for sport. Such retaliation was permitted under the unofficial agreements of the Treaty of Serenia, and the Rogue Trader's fate was deemed deserved for his own foolishness.

Legends of WuxideEdit

Not much is known about it, but some of the dusty tomes deep in the Inquisitorial archives have bits and pieces of legends that were either forced out of unfortunate prisoners or gathered from Exodite worlds that were once visited by the Wuxide Eldar.

However what is known is that the greatest Wuxide hero was Autarch Sun Ge'Ahn. Following his ancestors teachings he led to war with both strength and strategy that were legendary, whether in the void of space or planetside he would fight with ferocity and skill that brought him victory countless times. Sadly his fall came at the hands of his hated kin the Dark Eldar after he defeated one of their raid groups.

A jet bike wing, led by Asdrubael Vect himself, came upon the Autarch while he was traveling back to the webway gate. Ge'Agn fought bravely and killed half of his attackers, among them Vect's favourite pet-lover, but then he was taken down by sustained ranged fire. There are many speculations regarding what happened afterwards, but it is a dream for every Wuxide Eldar to retrieve Sun Ge'Ahn's Soulstone, for it is known that the Lord of Commoragh has decided to keep it as a prize forever

Known Wuxide EldarEdit