• Xian guay

    Xian Guay, Grand Khan of Wladistan

    Name: Xian Guay
  • Rank: Grand Khan of Wladistan
  • Born: No exact date available, approximately 270 - 280.M41
  • Status: Alive as of 322.M41, current status unknown, under constant risk of assassination by lesser Khans seeking a 'promotion'


Xian Guay was born to the Lin'Guay clan, of which his father was Chieftan. The Lin'Guay were a small clan who lived a nomadic lifestyle around the southern mountains of Wladistan. As befitting a future Chieftan, he was schooled in the arts of fighting and leadership, memorising tactical maneuvers and mastering bladesmanship from the day he was born.

His father, Jun Guay, was killed in battle by a rival clan in apporoximately 291.M41, at which point the young Xian ascended to clan leader, since that day Xian has built a fearful reputation as a ruthless and brutal oppressor, absorbing other clans into his own by skillful diplomacy, or, if that failed, overwhelming force coupled with brilliant tactics. As his clan grew and grew, simply his arrival in the area would cause clans to join him, wishing to avoid pointless talks and bloodshed.

By approximately 307.M41, fully 65% of the total manpower of Wladistan followed him. These people he rules to this day. Where his army marches, the earth shakes, his opponents tremble in fear, and Xian Guay, Great Khan of Wladistan, marches at their head, clad in carapace armour recovered from an ancient Imperial ruin, and wielding the Bolt Pistol and Chainsword for which he traded 5,000 of Wladistan's most beautiful women to a Rogue Trader.


"You dare question me? Xian Guay? Mightiest Warlord Wladistan has ever seen? I have overtaken a hundred clans, I have fought a thousand battles, I have led a million men, my decision is absolute, and my will shall be done!"

-Xian Guay, moments before he decapitated the insolent Lesser Khan Kun Huan for questioning his orders to execute 47 men of Junkitha, who attacked his honour guard as they took their wives for personal use, as was their right for taking the city.