• Xynthia

    Xynthia as first seen by Montus.

    Name: Xynthia Scardrake
  • Rank: Wych Syren
  • Born: 878.M40(original birth)
  • Status: Serving the Cult of Strife.
  • About: Elegant, arrogant, ambitious and deadlier than poison, Xynthia is a great example of a rising Dark Eldar gladiatrix. Even though by the standarts of Dark Kin she's very young, she has already secured herself a considerable standing and commands her own pack of Wyches. However she's one of the Eiggerthai, 'aether youth', meaning that she's even more unpredictable in her depravity than the common Dark Eldar. This trait can be seen in some of the actions that would be unthinkable for a proper citizen of Commoragh - like hiding a disgraced Haemonculi Csvakshek(if she is doing it just to use him, it might be understandable, but if she's feeling something as abominable as mercy, then nothing can help her) or making a disgusting alliance with Mon-keigh warrior Montus. One thing is certain - she dreams big and plans deadly, and her new pet-ally will play a key role in giving this city a shake or two.