Xyptus is not only a Master of Whispers, but also a known spy himself.

  • Name: Xyptus(codename)
  • Occupation: Spymaster
  • Status: Serves Ghosts of Retribution, resides on Tachion Primaris
  • Background: Unknown, presumably of low birth.
  • Recent history: Ghosts of Retribution have hired Xyptus once they arrived to Sector Deus to help them establish a secure intelligence network that would give them a peek at the inner workings of other factions.
  • Motivation: Unknown, presumably money.
  • Affiliation: Ghosts of Retribution
  • Assets: Spy networks, others - unknown.

Skills and traitsEdit

  • Black Ops 42
  • Inquiry 55
  • Spying 78
  • Master Criminal(can use any illegal skill by default from his intelligence)
  • Intelligence 37

Spy NetworksEdit

Currently Ghosts of Retribution to do not engage in any espionage activities.